What if Every Olympic Sport Was Photographed Like Beach Volleyball?

Nate Jones over at Metro was recently looking through Getty Images in search of Olympic beach volleyball photos, when he came upon an interesting/”gross” discovery: some of the photographs focused on the body rather than the athlete or the sport. While other Olympic sport photos focus on action and emotion, it seems that certain beach volleyball photographers are intent on snapping images of behinds.

That got Jones thinking, “what if every Olympic sport was photographed like women’s beach volleyball?” He then decided to take other shots of other sports and crop them through the lens of volleyball photographers. Here’s a sampling of the hilarious images.

Check out the rest of the shots over at Metro.

What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball? [Metro]

Thanks for the tip, Raymond!

  • checkmate

    How about re-do this but with female athletes…doing weightlifting….the 100kg division…mmmmmmmm…..

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention Susheel. Changed the text to make it less general

  • cdn-photographer

    (Sarcasm: Obliviously those top professional sports photographer are only out to capture womens buts… They have been trained to do so…)

    Each photo taken on that blog was by a different photographer at the London Olympics of different tea
    ms on different days… What really annoys me and most of commenters on that page is that it suggests that’s all they when their at the volleyball venue… Shoot pictures of pretty girls in skimpy outfits… Well if you want shoot athletes in skimpy outfits take you pic… Track and Field, Gymnastics, Trampoline, Diving, heck even Triathlon… Stupid Silly Bullshit story…

  • Article19

    thanks for bringing it to your attention? are you the editor of this site or just some dude who stops by every week or so to post a pointless piece of writing?

  • checkmate

    So much anger….maybe you need to look at some more pictures of bums? I suggest you start with men’s shot put.

  • brandon

    this was written by a gay dude.

  • small spring

    not greet u anymore

  • Buffoon

    This post made me sad. I hate you now.