Canon’s Drool-Worthy Gear Room at the London Olympics

Canon Olympics Camera Gear Room

Welcome to camera gear heaven: here’s a glimpse inside the Canon Professional Services office at the London 2012 Olympics. It’s a room that’s absolutely stuffed with cameras, lenses, and accessories from floor to ceiling. The Canon 1D X hasn’t been released to the general public yet, but this room has hundreds of them!

Canon Olympics Camera Gear Room

Canon Olympics Camera Gear Room

Canon Olympics Camera Gear Room

Image credit: Photographs by Gerard McGovern/Getty Images

  • Shevill Mathers

    Weep, weep, I am a Nikon & Canon user, but the above pics would convert me in a heartbeat…

  • Tareq Alhamrani

    WOW, i feel poor now.
    How can i be a sports big events shooter? I can make to be a CPS member, but how to get the credential? I did shoot only 3 sports in my life, one is world open swimming Championship in my town and Dubai Marathon 3 years and Soccer of local championship/league of UAE for almost 5 years, what else i need or how to make it for Olympics or even Fifa soccer events [World Cup, EU Champion league, Euro,…etc] and formulas for examples?

  • mrandmrssmithphotography
  • Darin

    I can guarantee they are not 550’s! CPS doesn’t act like Rebels even exist!
    I don’t see any crop bodies, but they’ve gotta be 7D’s…..

  • Oliver Ducalang Obeña

    OMG just one of everything..
    What do they do with all the camera’s after the olympics? hmm??

  • ryanojohn

    ooh, coffee mugs

  • Andrew


  • Mansgame

    I knew I liked this guy for a reason.

  • Igor Klajo

    I was wondering, what’s gonna happen to all that equipment after the Olympics? Refurbishing and put on sale? How about giving some cameras away to people who can only dream about buying a 1Dx?

  • Isabel Benchetrit

    wow! do we get to buy these second hand after the olympics?

  • WaltersPhoto

    We are a UK Photo Dealer (Canon Pro Centre) and I haven’t seen that many 1Dx’s unbelieveable investment in shalf space !

  • Glenn Rogers

    All I can say is “WoW!!!” looks nothing like my camera gear.

  • fabio gomes

    que sonho

  • Stephen

    Picked up mine yesterday….can’t wait to get out later

  • Americo J Rodriguez

    mini nuke powered substations xD

  • Americo J Rodriguez

    Why, this is violence!” (“Ista quidem vis est!”)

  • Bogdan Kevin

    sent me one please!

  • oddcamera

    Who’s been taking pictures of my front hall closet. Need to keep the door shut…..

  • Mihai

    I have just one question: Why ? This is … really unfair! :)

  • ArtR4America

    Sadly, we are the 99%. :(

  • RobynG Photography

    This has to be recorded as the first photo-induced-orgasm! Beats 50Shades hands down! So what happens to all this after the Olympics? Do the ‘togs have first dibs at buying these ‘2nd hand’ camera’s and lenses?? Where do we put our names down??

  • Jacques du Toit

    Luckily for them I am not in London or they might have been short some stock :)

  • SIGmund Fried

    I almost popped a woody. One of each and I’d be happy, ‘cept the ones I have, of course. Don’t want to be greedy.