Sigma Has a Change of Heart, Won’t Ever Produce Its Own Mirrorless ILC

A couple of years ago, Sigma expressed a desire to create a mirrorless ILC of its own. And even though everybody and their mother in the camera industry seems to be jumping on the mirrorless bandwagon, Sigma instead is renegeing on that 2010 statement. In an interview with Chinese website Xitek, a Sigma manager stated that the company would never launch a mirrorless system.

Fortunately for Sigma lens enthusiasts, the company is still planning on developing mirrorless lenses for other systems, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be be seeing a mirrorless ILC announcement coming out of the Sigma camp anytime in the foreseeable future. For now I suppose we’ll just have to rely on Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony, Leica, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus, and Samsung for our mirrorless needs… *sigh*

(via Mirrorless Rumors)

Image credit: Sigma DP1 Compact Digital Camera with APS-C sized Foveon Sensor 003 by Chi Bellami

  • Jackson Cheese

    Then Sigma hasn’t learned the lesson of what happens to your company when you refuse to innovate and cling to your old technology. For more, see Kodak.

  • E

    It would make more sense for them to abandon their dslr-s and try to enter the mirrorless icl market before it gets too established. I think they have a better chance at making something people actually want here. Even outsiders (in the camera world) like Samsung and Panasonic have been able to get a position in this market.. Sigma should have a chance imo).

  • Tenisd

    If they would release some cool compact cameras with huge sensor and different focal lenght, in a price that others put on a lense, I would consider few cameras instead of one camera with a few lenses :) (The SD series cost way too much in the part of Europe where I live)

  • SleeperSmith

    ah yeah, because another system/mount/mirrorless to the half dozen that already exist is major fking breakthrough right.


  • Walker

    Now they can focus on putting all of their resources on making these high quality/affordable lenses. This is the direction the need to be heading in, theyre already on the way to doing that and should maintain this course.

  • James

    I’d love to see them put those Foveon sensor patents to good use. Just imagine that, true color photography in Modern Cameras.