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Sigma CEO Says ‘Most New Products’ Will be ‘Exclusively for Mirrorless’


Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki has gone ahead and confirmed what many of us believed: the third-party lens maker will be focusing most of its resources on creating “DN” lenses for mirrorless cameras. That includes lenses for full-frame, APS-C and Micro Four Thirds systems.

The “news” came in the form of a tweet posted by Yamaki-san two days ago, in response to some praise from a Sigma user:

“Most new products in the future will be the DN series designed exclusively for mirrorless cameras,” reads the machine translated tweet. “The DG DN series for full-size mirrorless, which is frequently requested, will be the center, but we believe that we need to expand the DC DN for APS-C (+ MFT), which is currently popular.”

According to Sigma’s own Careers page, Sigma Corporation is “the largest, independent SLR lens manufacturer in the world,” producing over 50 lenses for a variety of camera systems and brands. For the CEO to say that “most new products” will be “exclusively for mirrorless cameras” is a big deal, and not a statement to be taken lightly.

This is big news for mirrorless shooters, bad news for DSLR photographers, and a vote of confidence for anybody who believes mirrorless cameras as the future of photography.

(via 4/3 Rumors)