Replacing Guns with DSLRs in this Epic WWII Video

Here’s a cool video from the mind of videographer Devin Graham where he takes the standard, dramatic WWII scene and replaces the guns with cameras. No worries, there are still plenty of explosions — in fact Camera Warfare is downright epic at times — but instead of SMGs and massive rockets you get SLRs and massive lenses.

And for the videographers out there who want to see how a project of this scale comes together, there’s a nifty behind the scenes video waiting for you on the other side of the break.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Nobody

    hahaha..this is fantastic, fresh and hilarious. Love it!!

  • Alan Dove

    He botched the title. Should be “Canon Fodder.”

  • Jeremy Madore

    Bonus points would have been given if it was a Nikon/Canon war… both sides used Canons… we all know that each side of WWII had their preferred manufacturer!!

  • Fred R.

    What’s the fucking point? Guns don’t kill people, cameras do? Cute? Funny? A lot of talent went in making this vacant bit of video.

  • yitzy

    0:54 scene is epic!

  • hm


  • colin

    I like the shutter noises better than gun shots and explosions.