Free Model and Property Release App

ASMP Releases is a free model and property release app for iOS by the American Society of Media Photographers. Quite useful for if you’d like to use your street photographs commercially.

Photographer can customize a Model or Property release using the ASMP standard releases. The app allows you to create templates, take a photograph of the subject, specify the uses for the images, including any sensitive or digital manipulation issues, and images of minors, the models can then sign the release and a PDF is emailed to the photographer, agent, model and client as needed. [#]

The app also includes generic stock photography releases by Getty Images. Photography release apps are nothing new, but you certainly can’t beat the price of free.

ASMP Releases (via SLR Lounge)

  • Mansgame

    Anything for Android?

  • sds

    2nd that a Android version would be great!

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Seems buggy, I saved 2 releases and they are gone. I’m, glad I tested it :(

  • Michael Zhang

    We’ve just confirmed with the ASMP that this app is indeed by them :)

  • Youth Sports Photographer

    I’m going to check this out, great article.

  • astockglausner

    I’m going to check this out, great article.

  • Writer Writer

    Comments on the app site are decidedly not positive. The key item seems to be the app does not save the form…

  • Joe Harrington

    I have a question on the “For valuable consideration received as” portion. If I am photographing random people on the street and I am not paying them anything what would go into this section? They would be given a copy of the image, but no pay.