Ultra-Fast Motion Tracking Camera Stays On Target With Millisecond Precision

Researchers at the University of Tokyo recently developed a new system that they can use to track superfast moving objects in real time. Although high-speed tracking isn’t anything new, where their system differs is that instead of moving the camera itself they move two separate mirrors. One mirror controls the horizontal-axis of the image, the other the vertical.

The camera itself stays stationary, and it’s because of this that the system they’ve built can track an object with millisecond precision. Using the system they’re able to capture full HD video quality without missing so much as a beat… or even a tenth of a beat. No more missing that big play in the tennis or ping-pong match. In fact, in the future, your camera may not even have to shift on its tripod to follow the action.

(via Ubergizmo)

  • verso

    very cool.

  • 9inchnail

    “No more missing that big play in the tennis or ping-pong match.”

    Yeah, cause we wanna see a close-up of the ball and not the players… or anything else.

  • Sec Tek Solutions Ltd

    This is an incredible idea, for working in the electronic security market. Tracking people and vehichles? Do you have it availiable to this market?