Olympus Updates OM-D E-M5 Firmware, Leaves Mac Users Out in the Cold

Update: It looks like the update is working on Macs just fine, even if it isn’t showing up online. Thanks to all our E-M5 toting readers for letting us know!

Firmware updates come pretty often, so they don’t typically make news unless they bring with them a particularly impressive set of improvements, like v2.0 for Canon’s 7D a few weeks back. And although Olympus’ firmware version 1.2 for the OM-D E-M5 does help improve the functionality of your camera, it’s also being talked about for another reason entirely.

As we mentioned, the update does bring a few noteworthy improvements to the table — among them improved “sleep recovery operation” and the addition of an autofocus tracking point for use when shooting in the camera’s Sequential L setting — but it’s also making headlines because it seems that Mac users don’t get it. As of right now, Windows users can download and install the update using Olympus’ Digital Camera Updater, but when the operating system is changed to OS X, users are met with the message that “No software is available at this time.”

Of course, it is possible that this is just an online error, but since none of us here own an E-M5 we’ll leave it up to you to let us know if the Mac version of your updater is showing the new firmware as downloadable or not. Whatever the case, don’t forget to drop us a line in the comments down below once you find out.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Firmware v1.2 (via PopPhoto)

Image credit: Olympus OM-D E-M5 Silver by stanhua

  • Patrick Magee

    I updated using my iMac yesterday. No problems. I’ve read online that it is best to run the updater from Master 2. When I did just that then it updated the Camera Updater.

  • uberboxer

    Oops, I must have typed the wrong URL in my browser, because I landed here on the PetaPixel Rumor site.

  • JamesMcDaniel

    I just successfully updated my OM-D firmware (Saturday, July 14th) using my MacBook Air running OS X Lion 10.7.4. No problems or issues whatsoever.

  • Martin H. Hjortsø

    I updated my EM-5 on my MBP yesterday using olympus DC updater and no problem

  • Steve Wilson

    Worked fine under Lion from my iMac.

  • Steve Frankel

    I updated my firmware yesterday with a 2011 Mac Desktop Pro running Lion,and it worked flawlessly. Then, I tried it a second time and, sure enough, it said I was now running version 1.2, which meant the upgrade worked.

  • Ramesh

    I coups not update My camera connecties to My mac desktop. It gave an error sarong aansnor connect to server. Today i connectec to My Windows laptop and had no issues updating My camera. I wrote to Olympus about this issue and They replied. Saying They Need to see my camera before they can say what the problem is

  • Andrew Farrington

    I updated on my Mac last night and am terribly disappointed!!
    On the EP-3, one of my main issues was that after zooming in to focus manually, one had to press teh magnify button again to get teh full frame image back, instead of simply half-pressing teh shutter release.
    To my delight, the OM-D had cured this and it made manually focusing so much easier – to my horor, after teh firmware update it reverted back to the old EP-3 style………I a taking back to Jessops today in the hope I can swap it for a firmware version 1.1

  • Ramesh

    I have a imac with Lion o/s . When connected to my OMD and update the software it gave an error saying that ” could not connect to server”. I then connected to my WIN laptop and the update happened without any problem. My Olympus viewer on my Imac gives the same error when I try to update. My imac is 2011 version. I wrote to Olympus and they replied saying that unless they see my camera they cannot help

  • jez sugars

    I have an e-m5, and a mac book. not happening!

  • Vlastik

    There is now explanation:

    Announcement: E-M5 firmware update ver. 1.2 is temporarily suspended

    We have received some inquiries from E-M5 owners who could not complete the ver. 1.2. firmware update. While Olympus is investigating this matter, the update service for firmware ver.1.2 is temporarily suspended. The update service for ver. 1.1 remains available. Please be assured that the customers who have updated their E-M5 to ver 1.2 won’t experience any problems. We apologize for the inconvenience.