Canon Warns That The Rubber Grip on Some T4is May Cause Allergic Reactions

It doesn’t look like Canon’s T4i can catch a break lately. Just days after issuing a somewhat entertaining product advisory explaining why some Canon T4is were showing up as EOS Kiss X6is in EXIF data, Canon has had to issue yet another. This one, like the last, only affects certain serial numbers — in this case those with “1” as the sixth digit (e.g. xxxxx1xxxxxx) — but unlike the last, it could potentially be both harmful and aesthetically upsetting.

According to the official advisory, the affected T4is were made with an unnecessarily high amount of rubber accelerator. One chemical reaction later and you get Zinc bis (N,N’-dimethyldithiocarbamate), which will turn your black rubber grips white, and in rare cases could cause an allergic reaction. A free repair service is scheduled to launch mid July, but until then, if you’re one of the effected peoples, hang tight and register your T4i here so that Canon can let you know where to send your camera when the time comes.

Canon Product Advisory [Canon USA]

  • will hall

    with the myriad of issues lately, it seems like the general public is considered a suitable substitute for a QC team

  • Bob

    Canon having lots of quality problems of late. Light leaks, S100 connector issues and now this? I agree they need better QC before releasing products.

  • Jens Hamada

    well nikon had batteriy issues and had to recall the EN-EL15 , camera lockup issues, reported broken mirrors in the D800, focus/viewfinder issues in the D800, had to recall a camera (D5000 or was it D7000?), Coolpix L23 compact cameras may overheat and deform, Nikon CL-L2 case was recalled… and so on.

    it´s not only canon who has such problems.

    i don´t even start with my samsung monitors. every 12 month the powerboard of my samsung TFT´s are broken. last week i had to replace the second of three samsung 1 TB HDD´s i bought in 2010 (still in warranty .. a bit of luck).

    that said this “zink” or “whitening” problem is like a deja vu… im pretty sure i read about it a few years ago.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Would suck to be allergic to your camera