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Canon’s Website is Now global.canon Instead of canon.com



Canon relaunched its global website this week with the brand new top level domain name .canon. Instead of canon.com, the address is now global.canon, the first time Canon has used the new .canon top-level domain since acquiring it back in 2015.

One of the reasons is helping customers recognize authenticity, Canon says. Since “.canon” domain names will only ever be used by Canon in official capacities, the general public will be able to recognize a site a genuinely Canon by simply checking to see that it has “.canon” at the end of the URL.

“Additionally, by leveraging the simplicity of the TLD, which is easy to remember and easy to understand, Canon aims to enhance the Company‚Äôs global brand value,” the company says.

Additional language versions of the site will be added in the future to further roll out this new centralized .canon site.