Using Google Glass Camera Goggles as a New Mother

The Google Glass team is starting a new series of videos called “Glass Sessions” that feature ordinary people using Google’s prototype camera glasses in their everyday lives. This first video shows new mom Laetitia Gayno — the wife of a Googler — using the glasses to capture precious moments with her baby and share them live online with her family members back in France.

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  • Adam

    Way to totally buy into the stereotype that the only reason women care about photo gear is to capture precious memories of their little babypoos.

  • Gerrald

    I like it! Why doesn’t the baby have a pair of glasses also?

  • urmom

    cus fuk u dats y

  • Laura K

    picture quality is crap, blurry, etc.. and in other news, please Mommy, learn how to properly strap your baby in a car seat.. she’s precious and needs to be safe.