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Google Glass Demoed at I/O, Preorders Pegged at $1,500


Google demoed its much-hyped Project Glass at its I/O conference today, showing how the sleek camera-equipped “goggles” could one day allow point-of-view photos and videos to be beamed directly to others through the Internet. Four skydivers wearing the glasses beamed footage of their jump live through Google+ to the attendees in the SF conference center (see above video). They then “passed the baton” onto a group of bikers who did some tricks on the roof and then biked into the center, showing that the footage was in fact live.

Google also announced that the glasses — which will start shipping sometime next year — can now be preordered for a cool $1,500. Conference attendees who sign up for the introductory “Explorer Edition” will receive a block of glass with their serial number etched across its face. The company hopes to drive down the price once the product becomes available to the general public.

(via Engadget)