How to Make DIY “Canvas Prints” of Your Instagram Photos for $1

Here’s a tutorial by Elizabeth Giorgi of Being Geek Chic on how you can turn your Instagram photos into beautiful canvas-style prints for about a buck a pop. You can find a text version of the tutorial here.

DIY Weekend: Easy, $1 instagram art [Being Geek Chic]

  • Tyo

    When I watch videos that claim to be cheap as a dollar, I always wait for the bit where they say “This will cost about 15 dollars.”

  • edhawco

    Um, that video just shows you how to glue a print to a surface. A real “canvas print” uses special materials so the canvas texture shows though. This video does NOT show that, so it’s pretty useless, and the title is misleading.

  • Stephan Zielinski

    I’ll save you the three minutes and fifteen seconds:

    Print photos. Mount them to something with photo mount spray.

    “Canvas print” is a term of art. This is not a canvas print. The only sense in which it could be considered a “canvas print” is the photo print (which you’ll have to acquire yourself somehow) gets glued to a square “canvas”– that is, canvas stretched over a 3″x3″ wood frame. (Which you’ll also have to acquire yourself somehow.)

    I am looking forward to other tutorials along these lines. A photo glued to a brick is clearly a “Brick Print”. A photo glued to a double-jointed Thessalonian lark mangler is a “Double-jointed Thessalonian Lark Mangler Print,” and that HAS to worth enough for me to finally buy myself that L-series lens cap.

  • Greg McKay

    Wow~! Has Petapixel jumped the shark?

  • Werner

    1$ “canvas prints” made with a $700 PS and a $400 iphone, in very poor quality, are you kidding? This tutorial does not show any clever trick, it even shows how to do bad things worse.

  • Daf

    Who chose to share this!

  • Being Geek Chic

    Thanks for sharing the tutorial! I know that some people have been emailing me asking how the cost breaks down. So here’s the budget:

    Printed photos: $.12 each

    3×3 canvas comes in 4 packs at Michaels/Joann stores: $.72 each

    Non-toxic glue: Spray photo glue is $7, but I’ve used it on over 40 projects: $.17 per use

    (NOTE: You could use mod-podge as an alternative to save money, which is only about $2 for the bottle.)

    Total: $1.01 each

  • canvasfan

    This print completely different from the real canvas print. It costs $1, but seems to cost $0.1
    Look the texture real canvas print has:

  • gabe sturdevant

    I don’t use Instagram, but you really have to download your own photos from the internet? You can’t get them from your phone? Ill stick with Photoshop Express. Also, wouldn’t printing on wood be easier/give a better texture.

  • Nora Martinez

    I’ve already done this plenty of times without a tutorial. And these are tiny prints. I’ve mounted photos on much larger canvas sizes using a program (the name escapes me!) that divides up the large photo into several letter-size prints, like a puzzle. Then you assemble and mount those.

    I was hoping for an actual canvas print without having to shell out oodles of money. It’s just like they say … there’s no such thing as a free lunch. :(

  • Ensi Owyne

    Look at these videos, they have much better information:

    Technological process:

    how to create multipanel canvas prints:

  • Ras

    My 4 years nephew, cuts more carefully.

  • Cristina Vallejo

  • Larissa

    that’s probably why “canvas print” is in between quotation marks