Photo Stealers: A Website Dedicated To Exposing Photography Theft

It’s a shame that the digital age brought with it such widespread copyright infringement and, sometimes, downright theft, but it’s a reality we have to live with. Fortunately, there’s a new website up on Tumblr that is looking to help expose the people who are taking credit for other’s work, and in the process help to cut down on some of the blatant infringement many photographers deal with week in and week out.

The website is called Photo Stealers, a site that enlists the help of its readers to spot and point out copycats. If you see, or have seen, a website or Facebook page that you believe is using someone else’s work, send in a tip using Photo Stealers’ submissions form and help, if not stop, at least expose these people to the world.

As you can see above, sometimes the theft is just plain copy and paste. Photographer Martin Leckie was probably pretty surprised to find that not only his photos, but his exact site design (minus a minor color change) had been copied by the UK’s Coleen Sullivan.

Photo Stealers (via Fstoppers)

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Awesome. There’s a more general site for art plagiarism called You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice –

  • branden rio

    I seriously had no idea this problem was so prevalent… wow

  • Keren Lerner

    Thanks for this post. We’ve just had our whole website stolen and we are trying to get it taken down but they haven’t done anything yet. It’s getting ridiculous! See our blog about it:

  • Felipe Paredes Schulz

    and you have to be a bitch?

  • Richard Horsfield

    We have compiled a great list of resources for photographers to find and take action over the use of unauthorised images. We have a Facebook page and a Blog available.


  • boggy4062

    I’m sorry to say it, but this IS a direct result of the culture, which questions what normal is or isn’t, redefining the meaning of ‘”is” or “isn’t”, cheating on a spouse in the oval office defined as a “personal matter”. Personal morality (even in non religious sense) does matter indeed. Sadly, these people try to redefine what stealing is or isn’t.
    Heck, My house was robbed and the cop taking the protocol was trying to excuse the fact by “Oh well, these are the difficult times…”, and I guess, deserved to be robbed, since I am a guy with a house with a TV and IPad.
    Do you see the real problem now?

  • Henning Nilsen

    Some of the examples on youthoughtwewouldntnotice are kind of ridiculous.

    A similar pose or general shape – Instant plagarism!
    Sure there were offernders there as well, but damn.

  • Mo

    What you need to be aware of is how Photo Stealers is not just posting photo’s of other’s but actually not getting there facts straight! As well as making duplicate profiles on twitter, stealing photo’s of people for his profile, and then making most of the comments. Then spamming them constantly. He is going beyond just exposing but harassing, stalking, and hacking into accounts! So before you go and promote this troll, you better start watching him! He is a FRAUD, and will be the one sued! Sure he may get a few numbnuts agreeing with his great work, however they too are just trolling with a bully! Sure there maybe folks that take photo’s and use them, however some also allow them too, or did you even consider that? Or that they placed them on Stock for people to use. Most of what he is claiming are NOT even stolen photo’s. I have YET to see ONE photographer say OMG thank you for catching this theif! Infact he trolls there sites, and without there knowledge first hand that hey we caught someone stealing your photo’s. Exposing there privacy! There are MANY complaints now against him, and I hope he enjoys prison, as he is the biggest scam and sham!

  • Alex

    I know this guy and I can tell you that he not only has multiple accounts, mostly fake, using other’s STOLEN photo’s as HIS profile. Setting up many folks some not even aware that this has been done, as well as made up websites to make him appear some sort of hero. He is also a HACKER and hit a few up to there websites adding photo’s, as well as placing that person’s watermark on the photo. I’ve seen it with my own EYES! He is making most of the comments himself with fake profiles, twitters! He is a LOOSER, who has nothing better to do then to troll and seek attention by making claims against other people without facts! You believe this site, then your just a gullible fool! What a HYPOCRITE! I am calling him OUT as it makes me SICK to see someone get a kick out of not on trying to ruin a photographer who is trying to make a living, but defaming/slander them! Tumbler has NO control over removing his site, as site for FREEDOM of speech, where anything can be done/said. He even said that the next site he is going to do is Pedahophiles, using FB accounts of men with there kids, making them out like creeps! He gloats at all of this, but ONE day he will get what he truly deserves a law suit, or PUNCH in the face! He deleted my post for calling his real name out on his site, as well as blocked me!

  • Jonathan Timar

    This is a pretty funny comment.

  • Jonathan Timar

    So is this one.

  • Smiles

    That is just WRONG! A good site like this who is trying to help photographers, and the Photo Stealers is the ONE who is setting photographers up!!! What a attention Whore!!!

  • Bloger89

  • Bloger89

    Doesn’t surprise me to hear this Alex few people have said this site “Photo Stealers” is not doing good justice, and due to it being on some crappy site like tumbler think they can get away with stuff like this, makes it easy to victimize/bullying/witch hunt photographers who work hard at what they do, makes me sick! Think the guy running the site name is Doug also has one running on fb. All he does is spend time where you an manipulated created images with photo shop almost anything to hype and dramatize attention, which he thinks will give them the credibility” of Stolen photo’s NOT!

  • Photo Stealers

    So you know me? Funny because I am a GIRL.

  • John Novotny

    I don’t mind if people use my work as long as I get a credit. To claim others work as your own is rediculous.