5 Killer Canon Lenses for Recording Video with Your DSLR

Thinking about recording video with your Canon DSLR? stillmotion put together this short video with 5 lens recommendations based on their video production experiences over the years. One recommendation is the 24-105mm f/4 IS “kit” lens that comes bundled with higher-end Canon DSLRs. This lens allows you to have image stabilization at the wide end (24mm), perfect for tight spots in which you can’t bring bulkier stabilization systems.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Ning Wong

    now i want all those lenses. 

  • Luke Hermann

    Weird, all L series lenses. Yes, because everyone can afford that. 

  • Chris Freeman

    Well L lenses can last for so long that if you can save up and buy a few, they will last for many many years and if you become a serious film maker, you can use that nice glass on many other cameras like the red epic!!

  • Procentje20

    I bought a EF-S 18-55 IS II for filming. For exactly the same reasons they give for the 24-105 IS. Its wide, and stabilized. I picked it up for 55 euros out of somebody’s 60D kit. Can really recommend that lens.

  • kendon

    while the 18-55 might be a good value for its price, it is nothing to get serious with. the build quality, changing aperture through the focal range, rotating front element, the fact that it doesn’t have a real focus ring all would make even that 55 euros a waste for someone who wants to seriously start a lens collection for filming (same goes for photography imho).

  • jesse

    You may not be able to afford them, but you can rent them.
    Stillmotion are also huge advocates of renting lenses.
    The title isn’t “5 killer budget lenses”

  • Heinz

    Do you use a full frame camera with these lenses? If so, which one?

  • sum_it

    My go to lenses are always: 16-35mm 2.8L II, 70-200mm 2.8L IS II, and the good ol 85mm 1.8. They are capable of doing just about everything I need it to. But I can def see the 24-105 being useful in many situations.

  • Mako Koiwai

    ? IS on the 24 mm wide end ?! It’s at the long end that IS becomes important …

  • James

    All lenses need clickless aperture control for video so don’t go with canon!

  • voodoowhyte

    Nice video, great lenses, One min – point all these lenses cost around 5G, that buys a really really nice video camera.

  • CanonBoogerBalls

    I highly recommend the EF-S 17-85mm IS USM lens over the *kit* 18-55. It has a wider range, USM focus, it’s a much higher build quality, and it produces sharper images. The only downside to the lens is that at wide there is some noticeable vignetting and distortion. Not much, but it is noticeable. I tend to like it for stills, but with film it may pose some problems.

    For a few hundred dollars more though, you can buy the EF 28-135mm L IS USM lens, which is what Peta-pixel recommends. Honestly, I think the glass is more important than the body, and you should never skimp on your glass. If you’re going to be making a sizable investment, you might as well hold off a little while longer and buy something that will get you a higher return on your investment.

  • Bram Bovens

    I disagree there, that goes for photography if you can’t have a fast enough shutterspeed. In photography you can reduce the camera and hand shake by setting a very fast shutter speed (as a guide line: equal to the focal length) and tilting up the mirror.

    When shooting video, handheld or from a moving vehicle or such, you are willing to have IS even on the wider end to keep the footage as still as possible because having shaky footage is no pleasure to look at. Shutter speed has no effect on how long the sensor is projected with light, you control this either with the ISO, aperture or a variable ND filter.

  • João Moura

    You forgot the most important lens in filming, the 50mm, the equivalent to human eyes.

  • Tom gallagher

    Is the 28-135 really an L lens?

  • Konner McIntyre

    very good point! I’m getting the 100-400mm 4.5-5.6. sure its a lot of money, more than my t4i in fact, but its totally worth it! push pull zoom is the way to go… so professional by god!

  • darrell

    man, you really don’t know anything about filmmaking, if you really want to say any advise, you should study first! the best lenses for make a video are the prime!
    like 35 mm, 50 mm, 85 mm, and maybe the 24-105 can be useful, but please don’t make this type of videos.

  • Charles Porter

    what was this shot with?

  • Robbie

    I’m trying to shoot a product info video. Using a 50mm 1.4fstop lens. What should I set it to f stop, aperture, ISO?

  • Mat Frost

    Luke, it is ALL in the glass. Buy the BEST glass you can, it will be the best investment you will make, trust me :-)

  • Ron

    The noise he makes with his nose bothers me to no end.

  • Damon

    What camera did you use for the demonstration videos?

  • MikeStudent

    pliz… make another post for this.. for cheap lens for us.. please, this lens I cant afford ..