116 Hollywood Stars in One Group Picture

To celebrate its 100th year anniversary, Paramount Pictures gathered together 116 of Hollywood’s most famous stars for an epic group picture. Photographer Art Streiber used 57 strobes to light the scene, and spent just under 6 minutes snapping 63 frames using a Hasselblad H2 and 150mm lens.

Here’s the photo that resulted (click it for a larger version):

Fstoppers has an interesting behind-the-scenes look into how the image was made.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Guest

    what the hell is justin bieber doing in this picture? i thought this’d be hollywood stars only =/

  • 9inchnail

    Well, he does have at least one movie out there. No one has seen it but it does exist. Like Big Foot or George W. Bush’s college diploma.

  • guest

    How come Nick Nolte’s head is in front of Cameron Diaz’ arm?

  • Blackbox

     If you watch the video he isn’t even there. Comped in.

  • guest

    Yeah. Almost. Fullscreen at 1:03 :) Looks like they had to move the outer staircase closer to the middle. Also: Whoever that is in front of DeNiro.

  • seanlucky

    I like how they didn’t show Art even once in the video… Lame.

  • rtfe

    sometimes no one gives a crap about the lame photographer

  • Guest

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  • Ohandy1

    Typical Hollywood , to me this picture represents the lack of diversity yet again in Hollywood….really

  • seanlucky

     It really blows because Art is one of the most charismatic and fun photographers I’ve ever met. I feel like it would’ve been quite positive to feature more than his voice in this video.

  • Pete

     Around 1:12 or 1:13 in the video you can see Nick, he is off to the right of Gweneth, afte rteh shoot the squeezed things in a lot to get a better fit for the magazine layout, including dropping the “Paramount” logo, etc… He was there all along

  • Suman0102

     lol GWB’s college diploma! haha.

  • Moonandserpent

    Simon Pegg

  • Knur

    115 Hollywood Stars and Justin Bieber

  • Riyazullah

    middle group is great. contain tom,mark,leonardo,bradd etc