Apple Announces Photo Sharing Through “Shared Photo Streams” Coming in iOS6

It looks like previous rumors about an updated photo stream in iOS6 were right. Apple has officially announced what they’re calling “shared photo streams,” which are exactly what they sound like: mark certain photos or albums as “shared,” choose who you would like to share them with, and you’re done. The folks you chose to share the album with will get a notification (if they have an iOS6 device or a Mac with Mountain Lion) and be able to browse, like and comment on your pictures in iPhoto, Aperture, or even on AppleTV. Non-Apple users will have to settle with browsing your shared photos on the web.

The new iOS is officially available as a developer beta today (only for, DUH, developers), and will ship to the rest of us mere mortals in the fall. No word at the WWDC on the rumored integration of video syncing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not there. All of the updates just went live on Apple’s website, however, so you can go check out all of the specifics for yourself.

(via Engadget)

  • Mansgame

    Wow!  Apple invented digital photos will be the new claim now. 

  • Ashley

    is this the answer for removing the mobile me??

  • John R

    No reprieve for MobileMe Galleries, .mac email addresses and further abandonment of Snow Leopard.  Totally unworkable photo sharing for my needs.  But I expect for Facebook addicts it OMG WOW!.  (insert who gives a xxxx smileycon here)

    New hardware has temporarily upped the value of my 17″ MBP’s though.  But I hope the 17″ machines reappear, bigger is better.

    Very impressed with the connectivity on the new laptops though, and only one year behind the curve for USB3, but it’s here.

    3 out of 10

  • John Stock

    Don’t be silly, they invented photons, The human eye and rectangles.

  • Giulio Sciorio

    Would be great if we could share the stream publicly for things like live photoshoots.

  • tagmac

    Couldn’t find this feature in ios6 beta 1.

  • Lance Haun

    Disruptive? Functionality beyond Apple’s walls would have actually been disruptive. This is another Ping.