Portraits of Carpooling Mexican Workers Captured From Above

In his series of overhead photographs title Car Poolers, Mexican photographer Alejandro Cartagena takes a different kind of look at the impact cultural issues like overgrowth are having on his beloved country. The series shows more and more workers who are catching rides into town in the backs of pickup trucks, and even though for them this is simply a means to save money, Cartagena sees them as “silent contributor[s] to the preservation of our city and planet.”

Be sure to head over to Alejandro Cartagena’s website to see more of Car Poolers.

Car Poolers by Alejandro Cartagena (via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Alejandro Cartagena and used with permission

  • JosephRT

    Man, that rather large fellow in the next to last photo looks either dead, or wiped out by a long day of work!

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    This is awesome

  • muitosabao

    Good stuff!

  • Kb2kb

    Fascinating, and a worthwhile document.  Of course, they had ban such travel in California—and probably many U.S states—because when the pickup truck goes off the side of the freeway, all the un-seatbelted passengers are likely to die.

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