Create a Giant Wall Clock Using Picture Frames

Want to enjoy a glimpse of photographic awesomeness every time you glimpse at the time at home? Create a giant wall clock with picture frames to mark each hour! You’ll need a clock kit (or a disassembled clock) and 12 picture frames. You can be more serious by shooting photos of the numbers 1 through 12 for the frames, or go creative by putting in all kinds of random images.

Make an Easy DIY Wall Clock from Photos [Photojojo]

  • @Dlkphotos

    Such a great idea to show off your photographs… love this idea.

  • Wall Photo Frames

    I really love your ideas to display your photo in such a great way.

  • Wayne

    what would be cool is to take a family photo with one person, then one with two and then one with three and so on to fill the frames

  • Old Raisin

    Lovely idea! Even better if you were to associate each hour with a photograph that can bring out the characteristics of that hour, with different lightings, warm or cool colour tones, food during lunch-hour, sunset at 6pm and stars or city lights at night. :)

  • Christopher Miller

    Daylight Savings :/ Would need a few different sets.