World Photo Games: A Humorous Fusion of Photography and the Olympics

Canadian camera shop The Camera Store are the masters of viral photography-related ads (they’re the ones behind the Battle at F-Stop Ridge and its sequel). Now, with the Olympics just around the corner, they’ve released this humorous new video showing an imaginary “2012 World Photo Games” in which photo gear is used for Olympic sports.

  • Kyoshibecker

    We all know Kai would win the camera toss event :P

  • D.G. Brown

    I really hope there was someone on the other end catching that 1.2!

  • Jordan Drake

    It was actually a very convincing duplicate, made by Dave Paul, the shotputter. It’s made of a few lens hoods, foam, weights and a red hair elastic (for the red ring).

  • D.G. Brown

    I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that no 1.2’s were harmed in the making of the video :)