Self-Portrait Machine Turns Your Hand Into a Photo Printer

“Blind Self-Portrait” is a project by artists Kyle McDonald and Matt Mets that’s based around a machine that can help you turn photographs into sketches. The machine constantly track’s the subject’s face using a camera and translates the image into a line-drawing and x- and y-coordinates. The user then rests their hand on the machine’s “hand” and presses a pen into a piece of paper. The robot hand does the rest of the work, guiding the hand into drawing the photograph as the person sits back and watches the magic happen.

(via The Creators Project)

Image credits: Photographs by Kyle McDonald

  • rtfe

    I must have this soundtrack!!!!

  • Miguelfronteras

    yea, there used to be a one armed robot at Epcot that did this 25 years ago! 

  • Mary Smith

    How is this any different from a plotter?