Creepy Portraits of People with Anime Proportions

If you’ve ever watched a Japanese anime, or even American cartoons for that matter, you probably know that most of the characters have highly unrealistic body proportions — giant eyes and tiny noses are the norm. Ideal Species is a creepy set of images by photographer Chris Scarborough that imagines what these proportions would look like in the real world. Yup, it’s creepy.

Ideal Species (via Neatorama)

Image credits: Photographs by Chris Scarborough and used with permission

  • Oliver Lea

    Holy hell that last one will give me nightmares. 

  • Spider- Man


    Another, just cause you can, doesn’t mean you should example LOL

  • Knur

    Exorcism of Emily Rose :)

  • Shawn B

    really surprised none of these woman have a massive chest.  That seems to be a regular thing in Anime. 

  • Tzctplus -

    Yawn ….

  • ReyesRamon89

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  • Bob

     Totally agree.  Most boring post on this whole site.

  • Cochese

    Looks nothing like anime proportions and more like they just made the eyes a slight bigger…

  • Aaron Tsuru

    Pretty cool. That last shot is really well done! 

  • Zak Henry

    You must be new here

  • Esrhan

    I believe such facial proportions come from observing cats?

  • LadyB

    It’s pretty much done completely wrong. The pupils have been enlarged as well as the iris, which just makes them look like they’ve just finished jacking up. Anime characters usually feature huge eyes, but with small pupils unless emoting fear, sadness etc. You can get ‘manga eye’ contacts which do a better job than pictured here and actually look really nice and flattering when worn (I know a few people that have worn them) but kudos to the guy for trying something different. The second one’s the closest in my opinion. Pretty damn scary throughout though…

  • giant cat

    no, this doesn’t look like anime proportion it’s just a bunch of freaking pictures :/

  • Ryn

    Might be able to take this more seriously if all but one of the models weren’t deliberately wearing terrifying expressions. Also showing too much white around the eyes vs anime characters (who have giant irises). Just saying, if you’re going to show what anime characters would look like in real life, at least do it right.

  • Daniel Johnson

    Leave Christina Ricci alone.