Genie Offers Cheaper Motion-Controlled Time-Lapse Solution

Time-lapse in motion can be a bit of a nightmare. Not only do you need to have your intervalometer set properly to control when and how your camera takes pictures, you also have to have the camera on a dedicated track, hopefully moving at a consistent speed, and preferably without you being the one moving it.

In the past, people could either choose to go the manual route or buy very expensive equipment. Fortunately, makers of the Genie — Ben Ryan and Chris Thomson — decided to make the process easier and, if not cheap, at least cheaper.

Their Kickstarter project — which is currently at $124,698 of the $150,000 goal they’ve set — is a device that adds motion control to time-lapse photography; but what sets it apart is how portable and easy-to-use it is. The Genie will work just as well with professional time-lapse rails and cable cams as it will with DIY versions you can make at home, and those of us new to time-lapse can take advantage of built-in presets to achieve stunning results with minimal effort.

Securing a Genie of your own requires a $690 pledge (there are only 101 pledge spots left at this price) saving you just over $300 off of the eventual $1000 retail price. And although this doesn’t exactly count as cheap, the Genie seems to be worth every penny.

(via Kickstarter via DIYPhotography)

  • Andy Austin

    Man I got excited when I saw the title… then I saw the price and my heart sank a little bit.

  • Olivier Taillon

    Discovered a pretty cheap kit (about 400$) today for making TimeLapses

  • Tobi

    We are on the way to complete our solution to moving timelapses..Already built the prototype / ( )and and made the circuit boards..During the process of building the bot we realized that we need a lot of custom parts to make it perfect, so we spent the last few weeks building a reprap :) So prepare for some updates in the next weeks. This bot will be fully programmable, steerable and has a built-in timelapse-controller. In case the raspberrys will be available we will soon also have wireless control via apps :) If you are interested, please leave a comment on my site or send me emails. The cost of this bot in total so far is about 300$, but if we manage to get the prototype up and running we will be able to get the costs lower. P.S.: Please ignore the video on my site, as this was the very first run ;)

  • cia mac

    what up with the link ?