SquareBounce — A Different Take on the Collapsible Reflector

The SquareBounce is a pretty innovative rethink of the traditional collapsible reflector used by photographers everywhere. Shaped like a “flat umbrella,” it’s easier to hold and orient in almost any photography situation and, as their website points out, it can actually double as an umbrella if need be.

Here’s a short video introducing the SquareBounce:

If you wanna get your hands on one head over to their website where you can snag a white reflector, silver reflector and carrying bag all for $189.

SquareBounce Reflector (via Wide Open Camera)

  • Thomas

    I like the idea. But $190 is a bit steep.
    I wish the company all the luck. It does look like a good product.

  • Thomas

    I don’t think the Larson operates like an umbrella but has a more traditional frame and separate material panel.