Ridiculous Nikon 6mm Lens Reappears, Priced at $160,000+ in the UK

Two years ago, we reported that an extremely rare Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 fisheye lens had been put up for sale on eBay for a cool $34,020. If you balked at that price, get this: another copy of the lens has turned up in London, and this time the price tag is a staggering £100,000, or roughly $160,000. The lens became the world’s most extreme wide angle 35mm lens when it was released in 1970, and boasts a field of view of 220º — it can literally see behind itself! If Grays of Westminster does manage to sell off the lens at that price, you can bet collectors will be kicking themselves for passing up on the eBay deal two years ago.

(via Grays of Westminster via Amateur Photographer)

  • JD929


  • Chris Lyn

    Now let’s see some photos from it.

  • Akulis2

    who needs photos, look a the lens!

  • Boom goes the tofu

     So discrete

  • Ian Young

    Yes, it is separate from other lenses and individual. But it is not, one might say, “discreet”

  • mugget man

    Heck yes – I want to see photos from that beast!!

  • francis b

    the way it looks, awesome. 6mm, not that awesome. the 10.5G is good enough

  • vanessa j.

    Okay, someone buys it. Adds it to their uh…collection. Then what? Sells it for a half million? To whom and what’s the point? Photography— gone wild.

  • Heratch

    Here’s a photo taken with that lens. That’s me working the Nikon booth at a trade show. At the bottom, you can see the legs of the tripod on which the lens is mounted; a Velbon, I believe.

  • Fotographix on Facebook

    This would be great for street photography! LOL

  • Isara Sukkum

    I like it will by it sure when the price is low until to 333$ this is good lens but this is my budget..!!

  • ernest

    what’s the filter size? ;p

  • ernest

    sure is! your subject doesn’t need to see the lens since it can see behind as well.. ol

  • Richard Horsfield