Nikkor 1200-1700mm: The Mother of All Super Telephoto Nikon Lenses

This is, in fact, the proper way to carry the Nikkor 1200-1700mm f/5.6-8.0 super telephoto lens. Weighing in at 36 pounds and measuring nearly 3 feet in length, the manual focus lens was introduced in 1993 and had a hefty price tag of $60,000. It would be interesting to see how it stacks up against the magical Sigma 200-500mm.

(via MIR and Reddit)

  • Kika6661

    OMG! WTf, oh god! ;DD

  • Ole

    Classic case of jizz in pants.

  • Robert

    I love how he is carrying two other cameras as well with what looks like 300mm and 500mm lenses, but you don’t even notice them since the 1200-1700mm is so incredibly large on its own.

  • -MARS- Photography

    I would handhold that thing… I’d be too afraid to put it on a tripod and have the legs collapse.

  • Knur

    Perfect lens for shy street photographers.

  • Spider- Man

    does it come in a f2.8? LOLz

  • Simon Giroux

    jesus, hope it comes with VR

  • Marcus Lim (photomarcs)

    That guy holding the Nikkor is Gilbert Rossi.. I recognised him as he is a customer of ours at Foto Riesel Sydney haha! woo! Go Gilbert!!!

  • Another One

    It was taken at the Australian Motorcycle GP which was then at Sydney’s Eastern Creek
    Raceway. And correct it is Gilbert Rossi.

  • Sean Lucky

    Why, so you can handhold it? I don’t quite understand how VR would be useful here. Back from the days when photographers lugged tripods and monopods.

  • Peter Skyttegaard

    I’m thinking mounting it to a Nikon V1 with FT1 mount adapter at crop factor 2.7 – just for the fun of it ;)

  • Lincoln Display Images

    60K and no autofocus ? :)

  • Td Gon

    I could see Pluto with that thing!

  • Matrixbjj

    If I had that, Pluto would still be a planet.

  • Jostein Roalkvam

    Pounds and Feet.

    Metric please!

  • Harsh

    Samples please!

  • T Storer

    For the metrically inclined, 16.3+kg, and 91+cm.
    That is to say, big.

  • Jackson Cheese

    I’d love to try this lens, but i’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle the recoil.

  • Cherubinij

    With that lens the camera almost seems incidental or its the Perfect $60k Camera stand. I often see 4&500s on the grond lens down holding  2nd body while the bulk of the work is being shot on much smaller lenses. ie 70-200 or the 300mm

  • Cochese

    Personally, I’m a fan of Canon’s 1200mm F/5.6 L 
    It’s lenses are hand-crafted from home-grown crystals. Whoo!

  • Ken

    With todays Nikon D800 I can’t see the need for the zoom to 1700mm; added weight, additional elements, and probable slight loss of quality.  Just crop; at 36.3mp you’re not going to notice much difference – if any.

  • Suj Ith

    buy one get one free……

  • As

    seems legit

  • Guest

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  • Andy Hodapp

    I would put a two times teleconverter on that with a Nikon V1, 9180mm lens would be awesome

  • SeannyOC

    This guy shoots weddings. From his house.

  • Jim Smith

    Because even though it sits on the most stable tripod, there is still small amount of vibrations especially on a super telephoto lens like this. The longer the range, the more it will be more sensitive on vibrations. Plus..on a special situation like standing on rooftops or any off ground shooting.

  • Ashley Pearson

    Insane Lense.

  • Doc Adam Caldwell

    OMG the perfect stalking lens lmao

  • Bond James Bond

    But imagine this plus cropping – virtual focal lengths in the 3000mm+ range.

  • Prithu De

    Ek nahi to chaar dila de . . . .

  • Jan van Riebeeck

    you don’t need a tripod to go with that lens, you need a stainless steel ladder!!!

  • Jeanne Marie

    Id love to see some of the shots he took with that lens