Newspapers Chose Not to Run Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photo of Bombing

Afghan photographer Massoud Hossaini won the Putlizer Prize yesterday for his Breaking News photo showing a 12-year-old girl screaming after a suicide bombing in Kabul. His images of the mosque attack were so powerful that the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal all published them on their front pages on December 7, 2011. However, each one ran a different image captured at the scene, and only the New York Times ran the Pulitzer Prize-winning shot that showed the full extent of the carnage. Shortly afterward, The Washington Post interviewed the photo editors at each paper to discuss why they chose the images (and the crops) they did.

The Post, NYT and WSJ show same scene of Kabul carnage via different photos (via Poynter)

  • John Kantor

    All the Pulitzer does is reward parasites for being in the right place at the wrong time – and capturing others’ misery.

  • Ethan

    I very strongly disagree. If nothing else, had this picture not been taken, millions of people would not have been able to see such a powerful image. Look at it – it’s massively emotional. Had a journalism only written a few words to report that a bomb had gone off and had x number of casualties, I would not have responded like I did to this photo. Photos help us connect with things in a way that words cannot. This photo is extremely important, and I’m glad it was published.

  • Lukeduo

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  • Guest

     You are a douche

  • Val E1005

    And you wonder why we have wars….. Such hate from a photo of misery & despair.