German Garbage Men Turn Dumpsters Into Giant Pinhole Cameras

A group of garbage men in Hamburg have figured out a way to combine their love of photography with their work of hauling trash, turning large dumpsters into giant pinhole cameras to photograph their city. The dumpsters are converted by drilling tiny holes into the fronts and then hanging large sheets of photo paper inside. Although framing a shot with the giant rolling cameras takes only a minute, exposing it can take up to an hour of waiting. They’ve dubbed the experiment the “Trashcam Project”.

Here are some of the images captured using the trashcams:

Trashcam Project (via Photojojo)

  • Antoine Magnier

    excellent idea !

  • Dennis Marciniak


  • The_photographer_Tom

    Excellent idea and I applaud their ingenuity, but I’m just wondering how they load and unload the film?

  • Damian

     Its Paper not film. So they just develop it in a darkroom.

  • Lukeduo

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  • Kazz

    So exciting! I hope they do lots more of this, the images are great.

  • Mirko

    We loaded the dumpster in a lighttight van. The paper was prepared on forex.

  • Matildecanepagonzalez


  • The_photographer_Tom

    Shame that they called it the “Trashcam Project”.

    I would have called it the “Binhole Project”. :o)

  • Dumpster Dude

    Hats off to the concept & men behind it.

  • Lee [email protected]

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  • the Happy Traveler


  • Joseph Baldwin

    might be nice to equip it with a flatbed scanner in the rear of the dumpster, a D-DumpsterPinholeCamera?

  • Bosscock

    I wonder how big the paper negs were?

  • Joe