Touchy: A Bizarre Concept Camera that Shoots Based on Physical Touch

Touchy, by Hong Kong-based artist Eric Siu, is one of the strangest concept cameras we’ve seen. Here’s the description:

Touchy is a human camera, who is blinded constantly until someone’s touch enables the opening of the automated shutters. While a continuous physical contact is maintained between Touchy and a user, the camera shoots a photo every 10 seconds.

Oh, and the user is blinded by the camera’s closed shutters until there’s “human interaction”.

Touchy (via Washington Post)

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  • Michael

    Wonder what happens when he gets laid,,,

  • Michael

    1000 fps,,,

  • Skydiver502

    The newer version would look like this ….

  • Boris Satan

    wonder what happens when he gets mugged…

  • guest

    so, it’s just a bunch of pictures of people’s hands?

  • Flgraphics