HandiZoom Adds a Camcorder-style Grip and Zoom Controls to Your DSLR

HandiZoom is a new camera accessory that adds a special grip to your DSLR that allows you to hold and use it like a camcorder. The device adds ENG-style zoom controls by connecting directly with the zoom ring on your camera lens. Videographers who’ve transitioned to DSLR shooting may feel much more at home with their hand around an ergonomic grip and a zoom rocker under their fingertips.

Here’s a short video intro showing the device in action:

The HandiZoom is currently just a prototype and doesn’t have a price tag yet, but we may find out more come NAB 2012.

(via DSLR News Shooter via Gizmodo)

  • Peter

    was this video made 12 years ago?

  • Titus-Armand

    Reminds me of those ancient Microsoft mouse/keyboard videos that came with Windows 98.

  • Paul

    This video follows the How It’s Made¬†doctrine¬†of video editing

  • Dennis Marciniak

    There’s no sample footage.. also why is the video’s max res in 360p?

  • Scott Scheetz

    This makes me think of the old Canon L1 and L2 camcorders from the 90’s.

  • Andy Atkins

    Yeah or a D8 or HiD8 Camcorder that we all grew up with….

  • K. Praslowicz

    I wasn’t planning on watching the video until I read that.

  • Mike Philippens

    If it looks like an ‘old’ camera, maybe that’s because there’s about 100 years of development behind that form factor. A DSLR is made for taking pictures, not filming. It’s pretty awkward to film with a 5D, adjust zoom and focus without ruining your shot.
    While I don’t have the urge to film with a DSLR, this looks very handy to me. If you want to shoot stable, you need a big camera. A small camera is next to impossible to hold steady.

    This grip is obviously made for people who want to do more shooting than just the casual holiday clip. For those it looks brilliant. I guess it’ll be expensive…

  • leepback

    Mike is right on the money.

    Sorry – the baggers show some ignorance on this topic.