Make a Fleece Cozy for Lens Protection

Here’s a short video tutorial on how you can make a cozy for lens protection using some fleece and some velcro. It’s a simple wrap that allows you to keep your lens safe when transporting it in something other than a camera bag. Simply measure out a piece of fleece that’s the appropriate size and sew some velcro onto the ends. The project takes about 30 minutes and costs a buck or two for each cozy.

(via Being Geek Chic)

  • russianbox

    This video reminds me that I hate pins :(

  • Mr. T in DC

    I’d be afraid of getting fibers from the fleece in my lens though.

  • Being Geek Chic

    Thanks so much for sharing my DIY!

  • Being Geek Chic

    I appreciate that you pointed this out. I don’t go into it in the video, but you should look for something with a “low pile” when you go to the store. The tighter the weave in the textile, the less you’ll run into this issue.

  • Nick Busato

    I just use a beer coozy for my teleconverters. Requires no work to make, has a bottom and no fiber issues. 

  • Marcin

    I just use socks!