A Fascinating Look at the Microscopic World Inside One Drop of Water

Photographer Clemens Wirth wanted to dive into microscopy, so he attached his Canon 5D Mark II to a monocular microscope using an adapter and pointed it at one small drop of water. He was amazed to find out how much activity goes on inside ordinary water, and how detailed that tiny world is. This short film, titled “Micro Empire”, is a beautiful combination of Wirth’s footage and audio by Radium Audio.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Nasafan1nc

    Well–I tried to watch it here, but the entire video area of this page remains blank. So I chased the link to his Vimeo site, and it doesn’t load there, either. So I did a SEARCH on it, and found the video at Scope–but it didn’t load THERE, either. Everything else seems to work–what am I doing Wrong? Thanks!

  • -MARS- Photography

    Bravo… The first noteworthy thing I have watched on a news blog… this is quite awesome indeed.

  • Boom goes the tofu

     Man…this is an example of “Ignorance is bliss”….I’ll NEVER look at a glass of water the same way ever again….

  • Michael

    Ummm, I wish I hadn’t seen this,,, damn –*

  • Anh Vu

    I think they aren’t in a drink water

  •!/david_frankk David Frankk

    So fascinating ! There’s a whole universe out there.

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  • John R

    10 for the photography, 01 for the editing.

  • Nada

    Right on. 

  • Suman0102

    a regular glass of water from tap wouldn’t have this. Typically these things are found in lakes, rivers, ocean etc.

  • Suman0102

     idk….if you’ve seen these guys in action under a microscope. They’re not all that exciting to look at (that’s subjective of course). I think the editing kind of made it exciting in a way. Are there better ways of doing it? probably. But this isn’t too bad either.

  • Casey Myers

    This is why I always drink filtered water! Video is very interesting and an amazing look into a very small world!

  • Flgraphics

    amazing.. felt like this should be a NIN video or something

  • ChristianRudman

    Sounds like your computer’s video playback is effed up, not a Petapixel problem.

    Unfortunately, I don’t a solution for you other than contact Microsoft’s (or Apple’s, or whatever your flavor) support department and have them walk you through the fix. Or just reinstall your browser. Or don’t.

  • Guestorama

    Editing was the best part.
    Reminded me of the creepy Se7en opening title secquence.

  • The Duke of Bridge

     Are you saying tap water around the world is the same? Or that water quality is guaranteed?

  • Dbv

    AFAIK, I’ve been sick because of drinking water from the tap (Sweden) and I don’t thing this video will change it. Very fascinating though!