Use Your Collapsible Light Reflector as a Wind Machine for Flowing Hair

Want to capture some wind-blown hair in a portrait photograph but don’t have access to an electric fan or wind machine? Photographer Benjamin Von Wong has a quick tip just for you: use your collapsible light reflector to create the needed wind. Simply have someone off camera fan the reflector at your subject in the direction and intensity that you want, and voila! instant wind machine!

  • Zach Sutton

    If that example doesn’t sell you on this idea, I dont know what will..

  • vonwong

    haha. Some guy on my fan page said a pizza box could do the same job! 

  • Francois

    This post lacks a crucial technical information !
    Wich cover to use ?
    Does the black/white work better than the silver/gold one ?

  • sl

    she looks like she just woke up!

  • Bartholomew

    ¬†Black I would assume because then you aren’t reflecting light anywhere.

  • John

    Your blog’s content has been on a constant downward slope for the last 6 months, at least. I think you’ve just hit rock bottom.

  • Francois

    My reply was meant as a joke. But after reading yours, black makes perfect sense.

  • Killermotion

    Is the black side bigger?

  • Herb Derbderb

    This is a tip? Hey I’ve got one!

    Use your index finger as a skin covered cable release!

    That one’s on the house ;)

  • Angel clark

    Are those square reflectors or lights next to him? I’ve seen some square light/flat light boxes in a few photos but can’t find them to purchase since I’m not sure if it’s a DIY or a brand.