This Holga Camera is Worth $24,000

This Holga camera is named the “Holga-Cam of the Apocalypse” and is worth $24,000. Photographer Mike Martens created it using a Holga 120N camera body worth $25 and a Phase One P25 digital back worth $24,000. The two components are fused together using a horseman lens board (hence the camera’s name) and a foot of black gaffer’s tape. The camera shoots low-fi photographs at 22 megapixels. You can find more images of the camera here and sample photographs shot with it here.

(via Photon Detector)

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  • Sean McCormack

    I’ll stick with a Holga lens on my Olympus Pen.. 

  • Those sample photos are crap. Is it that hard to take decent pictures?

  • Alex Masters

    Unless he purchased a P25 – brand new – with the sole intention of mounting it on a Holga, there is no way in hell that camera is ‘worth’ 24k. The P25 is as old as time itself, and I sincerely doubt a superior back (IQ140) would fetch 3k less out of the box. Factor in the age and the number of clicks and you’re looking at a 7k door stop.

    If you’re going to go out of your way to make such crap, at least use one of the old Kodak backs – then you can be pretty damn sure your back won’t out resolve your glass.

  • Alex Masters

    Aside: off to turn my Rollei GX into a digital TLR.

  • nik

    The bokeh for me is not that good.. i dunno.. but the element or the feel of the normal bokeh seem to be lacking in some of its picture.. plus the color fringing.

  • Dave Nunez

    And by ‘glass’ you mean ‘plastic’…
    Also, the photos on Flickr are from 2007

  • Zane

    Man, what a crazy thing to see pop up out of the blue! Mike did this several years ago — this kit probably would have cost that much then — with a new Holga but a rented back. I was there when he was putting it together but never had a chance to play with it myself.

  • Spider- Man


  • Jesse

    The film is at least 50% of the charm of a Holga shot. So these shots are 50% less creative, inspirational and charming — at least to me.

  • Guest


  • OSAM

    There really are no words.

  • Az Photo Mac

    Think I’ll stick with my D700 and 24-70… I can get just as good results and still have money left over to buy a few other trinkets :)

  • djaimes

    It’s like a mullet – business in the front, party in the back

  • Spider- Man

    You win this round of comments DJ ;)

  • Kok Leong

    wow, who would buy it?

  • Mikekemp F5

    He just answered the question that no one asked.

  • Bownephoto

    chi chi idea..REALLY MUDANE photos….so what was the point?

  • Flgraphics

    well the photos are less then thrilling

  • Dave

    Surely this was an April Fool’s Day  post, no?

  • pmonk

    So this is/was my handiwork, and I wanted to drop in and say thanks for the link.At the time, I was working in a photo rental department, so don’t worry … I didn’t spend $25,000 to build this thing. And yes, the value has certainly dropped, but with a P65+ on it, you could still have a $40,000 Holga camera today. (Hmmmmmm…) 

    It’s admittedly a stupid idea. But I’ll say this, if you get the chance to try something like it … it’s fun. And it might not be the easiest way to gain an appreciation for camera engineering (both the simplicities and complexities of it), but it’ll give you that.

  • Duke Shin

    (the $25 Holga)