TrekPak Camera Bag Insert Adjusts with Pins Rather Than Velcro

TrekPak is a new padded camera bag insert that does away with the annoyances of velcro by introducing a new pin system for adjusting dividers:

What makes TrekPak really unique, is that you won’t find any Velcro. When you try to adjust a normal gear bag while out in the field, you know how frustrating it can be. The Velcro sticks where you don’t want it to, is hard to pull apart, and just looks messy and cluttered. Our patent pending system uses anodized aluminum pins and durable padded dividers to offer limitless organizational options. The TrekPak pin system is much easier to adjust, very secure, and straight up, it’s slick.

They’re starting with inserts for Pelican camera bags, but are planning to release generic inserts and inserts designed for other bags as well.

Here’s a quick introduction:

The 3-person team behind the TrekPark is currently aiming to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter for the launch of the product. A $23 pledge will preorder you a set of inserts for a small Pelican case.

TrekPak (via OhGizmo via Gizmodo)

  • -MARS- Photography

    Looks like a great Idea… that needs to realize, How more people store their cameras.  I use the Same Lowepro backpack as in the image, and I NEED the velcro, because I store somethings sideways.  I would Imagine they could make a Sling that could be used in this situation, Like a Hammock, from one side to the other to rest my big Lens on while its still attached to my camera… But thats just me.

    Best of luck to you guys!

  • Photoben

    Metal pins? Near my camera glass?!?! No thanks. Great idea, though perhaps a hard plastic might be more suitable.

  • Nour El Refai

    Its a good idea, but seems not very safe for the equipment, and might be heavier as well

  • Nour El Refai

    Its a good idea, but seems not very safe for the equipment, and might be heavier as well

  • Renato Murakami

    I’ll just repost my comment on Giz, leave it to your judgement – 
    Metal pins without a locking system in a bag filled with gear? Sorry, but no. 

    A bit of a rough trip seems to be enough to dislodge those pins and create a mess of padding and equipment inside it. Ok, they made it long to prevent that, but it’s just something extra to loose then. Plus extra weight. 
    I think there are already better solutions out there… the reason velcro is used with simple pads is because they are cheap, mass produced and versatile. No need for patent pending stuff in the middle, and special double pads that needs to maintain shape and have some good sewing work to hold those pins in place. 
    I also don’t like velcro very much, but at least you’ll never loose it, and in rough trips it might at most slip slightly, while still holding some grip. 
    A better idea would be making pads in shapes that would fit together… like puzzle pieces or something. In fact, it’s not even that hard to do… EVA pads would probably do the trick.

  • Marie

    Read “all about the pins” update here:

    …looks like they might have your concerns covered.

  • Nabatea

    Pads in shapes that fit together like puzzle pieces…… lol sounds like trekpak.

  • Ndt

    I think this is a great idea. Its much cleaner looking that velcro tabs on the ends of dividers. There are many advantages to this system over velcro, pin any end to any other part of another divider, and perhaps you can buy lengths of these new dividers and cut them to length for a perfect fit, instead of having set lengths with velcro tabs on each end.
    Initial reactions aside, I just dont see how these long pins could fall out whilst the lid is closed, and being a first gen product im sure they would maybe plastic or rubber coat them soon enough. 

  • Skbx

    What about the TSA.  I can only imagine the hassle you would receive when trying to go through screening when your bag contains all of these metal pins.

  • Odysseus

    And you’ve got your lenses in there without the cap? Strange comment by the person who scares some metallic parts in the box…

  • Mohawksan

     Are u bag zippers made of plastic? How about ur lens mount? There is already metal. There should be no issues with that.

  • Flgraphics

    seems like a  good idea if they cover the metal concerns
    and maybe someway of locking the pins down for piece of mind

  • Alex

    I completely agree with photoben I wouldn’t go anywhere near it. Camera body will easily scratch on the metal too, terrible idea.

  • Eli Snook

    I love it, wish I had thought of this, velcro is a love hate relationship with me, it works great but is not fun to change your back around.  I don’t quite get the comments about the metal pins damaging your equipment, how exactly would that happen?  Only the very top of the pin is exposed and should not come in contact with anything but the backside of the bags lid.  I will definitely be buying one if it makes it to market. 

  • Les Baldwin

    This has the potential to be a good idea, but I fear it is still incomplete. The metal pins need to secured somehow so they won’t move. Also as above, the TSA will have kittens about loose pieces of metal available in the cabin of an aircraft. So some other material is needed.

    In 30 years of photography, carrying my gear in both backpacks and hard cases, I can’t remember ever needing to reconfigure the bag that often.

  • eikon

    The gear in your bag won’t make any contact with the metal pins for it to cause any damage… seems like quite an elegant solution, less bulk and easily customizable. As for “all the extra weight”…come on, how big do you those pins are?!