3 Top Photographers Compete in a 20-Minute Self-Portrait Shoot Out

What would you do if you were given the task of creating a self-portrait within 20 minutes in front of an auditorium packed with people? That was the challenge given to photographers David Hobby, Martin Prihoda, and Gregory Heisler earlier this month at Gulf Photo Plus 2012 in Dubai. The video above shows what unfolded. It’s like watching the photography equivalent of a freestyle rap battle.

(via Strobist via Fstoppers)

  • Benicio Murray

    great! thanks for sharing

  • Web

    Hobby and Prihoda are great photographers, but Heisler … WOW!

  • kelly hofer

    why do these videos suck every time? the audio is unbalanced, the video streched. just like last year’s. :(

  • Cenok_0

    Ugh, interesting video, but the music was so high. And as the person above said, the audio was unbalanced.

  • Michael Earley

    I agree that Heisler had a nice image, but he did not complete the assignment. It was not a self-portrait. I liked the music but as mentioned above.. too loud

  • Anim8me2

    @facebook-1389771653:disqus  You are aware a self portrait does not have to be literal aren’t you?

  • CJ