Rock Photographer: Guitar Hero Meets Pokemon Snap

Rock Photographer is a new iPhone game that can be described as a mix between “Guitar Hero for photography” and “Pokemon Snap for adults”. Each level in the game presents real footage of “bands” in action, and the player’s job is to use their iPhone as a camera:

Just like a real camera, tilt your phone to look around inside level as the band plays. You can shoot from different positions to get the best angle. When you see something interesting happen, tap the screen to take a photo.

If your timing & frame is right, you’ll get big points! If not, you’re going to waste up all your film before the level is over. Special objectives are hidden throughout the levels waiting to be found. They just have to be taken at the perfect moment. 

Save up the points you earn to unlock hidden features, and become the World’s Greatest Rock Photographer!

The app was created as a collaboration between photographer Joey L and development duo the All Nighters.

Here’s a quick introduction showing how the game works:

You can purchase a copy for $2 over in the iTunes App Store.

Rock Photographer (via Fstoppers)

  • Laaaura

    I’m not going to lie…i kinda want that app ahah 

  • John Milleker

    Hey, at least it’s true to life. The last concert I shot I was basically tripping over ‘iPhoneographers’ in the photo pit. Ugh.

  • Matic

    what a stupidity

  • Grab

    do I have to sign a release form before I use my smart phone to “shoot”?

  • malixe

    Does it grab all your copyrights when you’re done playing?

  • Aus_Guy

    quit being a lameographer

  • Ranger9

    “Waste up all your film”?!? Uh, you mean the film in your phone, Joey?

  • PallavGoel

    haaaaaaaaahhhhhhahahahahah photopit thing really got me! nice one nice one! 

  • Brian L

    Yeah, seems backwards that an iPhone game would have “film”. They should make it truer to real life in the digital age. Tap the screen any time anything remotely interesting happens (and be sure to tap at least twice!) and then sort through the hundreds of photos later, picking out the 12 or so great ones.

  • Geoffrey Froment

    pathetic video and clip … 

  • maethlin

    Am I the only person who dislikes seeing this type of article on Petapixel? I love this blog and still find an occasional gem but the rising # of iPhone/iPad articles and now this (which is more of a game announcement/ad than anything actually photography related) is kinda sad.

  • Philip Han

    It’s getting worse and worse. I know how you feel.