Nokia’s Beastly 41MP 808 PureView Phone Not Coming to North America

Nokia caused quite a ripple in the mobile phone market last week by announcing its new 41-megapixel 808 PureView smartphone. However, if you live in North America and have been drooling over the phone, here’s some bad news: Nokia isn’t planning to sell the phone on our continent. On the 808’s official product page, Nokia has included a footnote that says “Excluding North America” for the phone’s global availability. The reason may be that US carriers aren’t willing to subsidize the $600 phone and aren’t interested in Nokia’s Symbian Belle OS. On the bright side, rumor has it that Nokia is working to bring its PureView technology to Windows Phones.

(via TechCrunch)

  • jdm8

    Nokia hasn’t never much of a profile in the US with their smart phones.  It seems like they don’t even try.  They could be purchased if you look for them, but they are rarely available with a contract subsidy.

  • Guest

    This phone is an orphan in the Nokia family anyway. It is released with an OS (Symbian) that Nokia is abandoning in favour of Windows. 

  • donuts222

     Thats not good news! windows phones SUCK…..make a deal with droid…have it at least be a competitor with the iphone

  • 9inchnail

    Isn’t this all about the image sensor? They’ll release other phones with it or sell the technology to another manufacturer sooner or later. I’m pretty much done with Nokia, because they are just a**holes, but I wouldn’t worry too much about not being able to get one of these or a similar phone in America.

  • Marius M

    Take that America – The device is Not Available in Your Country..
    how do You feel now?

  • X-tra

    IMO, windows phone is great. I’ve been on android for a year before that, and I much prefer it.

  • Guest

    I think going with Windows is the smartest thing Nokia can do. Android is headed in the direction as the bottom of the market where price is all that matters. This is not where Nokia wants to be, they have had a reputation for making solid hardware (and lately crap software), working with Microsoft seems the only sensible thing to do for them in order to rise to more favourable position in the market again.

  • Richard Williams

    Say Marius! I am happy that this technology has been developed. I’m sure we all will have it soon. I also think that you have revealed quite a lot about yourself haven’t you? I am sorry that you have such an ugly soul.