Man Films LEGO Space Shuttle Traveling to Space on a Balloon

On December 31st, 2011, Oaida Raul decided pay a tribute to the recently-retired Space Shuttle program by creating a GoPro video of a Lego Space Shuttle model traveling up to the edges of Earth’s atmosphere on a weather balloon. You can read an in-depth description of the mission and the components used — the entire project was launched and completed in a span of about a week — over on Raul’s blog.

2001: A Brick Odyssey (via DPS)

  • Spider- Man

    too bad they didn’t have better weather for the launch, less cloud cover woulda been cool

  • James

    Is there any rules about how and when you can launch balloons? The more of these videos being made (even if they are pretty awesome) the higher the risk of one colliding with a passenger aircraft. 

  • Henri_Q

    Would be more exciting with a microphone on board insteat of stupid music.

  • Victor Harrison

    why doesn’t the balloon burn up when leaving the earth’s atmosphere? and how did they retrieve the camera at the end of the project? hmmmm, could be a hoax.

  • james

    Really? Why would it burn up? Temperature is decreasing the higher you go until the tropopause when the temp gets stable, the increases to just below freezing in the mesosphere. Where would the heat come from?
    Space shuttles get hot because of the friction of air at extremely high speed but otherwise it’s pretty much cold.

  • Spider- Man

    physics, go learn you some…