Overlay an Inverted Layer Onto a Photo to Brighten Underexposed Areas

Adam Dachis over at Lifehacker offers a simple method for correcting underexposed photo with any image editor that supports layers, inversion, and Overlay blending mode. Simply create a duplicate later, invert it, set the blending mode to Overlay, and then adjust the opacity to suit your taste. While it’s certainly not a pro photography trick — other techniques including adjusting the curves and levels may be better — it’s a quick and easy tip that may be good to know.

Fix Your Photo’s Exposure Problems in Seconds With This Simple Trick [Lifehacker]

  • Melo

    Lightroom.  100x faster and easier.

  • lloyd

    noise, MAXIMUM!

    its nice though.

  • Chrswggl

    How is this easier? It’s worse in every way.

  • stormchild

    Looks like crap. Use the Shadows & Highlights adjustment instead. Better yet, take it as a learning experience and expose the actual photo properly next time.

  • T R

    Lightroom? 100x crappier and unprecise. Also, why use LR when you can use ACR already bundled with PS?

  • Dejan Danailov

    Yes, it is always better to have correct exposure than edit wrong
    one, but sometimes wrong ones happen. This is interesting method,
    but manually adjusted and carefully masked layer copy in screen mode
    for underexposed or multiply mode for overexposed images works better
    for me.

  • der-soeren

    duplicate layer – Mode: Screen – done!