Untouched Sample Shots Captured with Nokia’s New 41MP Camera Phone

Nokia has released a set of sample photographs in order to show off the camera quality of its new 41MP 808 PureView camera phone. The 33.3MB ZIP file contains just 3 untouched JPEG images — the largest of which (seen above) is a 5368×7152, 38-megapixel photograph that weighs in at 10.3MB. The quality is quite impressive, given that the images were captured with a phone.

Here’s a 100% crop of the photograph shown above:

This sample shot is a 34-megapixel image (resized here, of course):

Here’s a 100% crop:

You can download the sample shots here if you want to check the out yourself.

(via Nokia via TechCrunch via Gizmodo)

  • wickerprints

    Yes, but what’s the low-light performance of this sensor?  Almost any sensor will perform reasonably well when light is plentiful, but a lot of phone cameras are used in, shall we say, less than ideal light.

  • Andrew9909

    You can’t expect everything.

  • ANON

    Reports are ‘noise-free’, and given the technology used, I could certainly believe that till a certain point. 

  • John Reinert Nash

    Specs on the sensor and pixels:
    F-number:  f/2.4•  Focus range:  15cm – Infinity (throughout the zoom range)•  Construction: ·  5 elements, 1 group.All lens surfaces are aspherical·  One high-index, low-dispersion glass mould lens·  Mechanical shutter with neutral density filter•  Optical format: 1/1.2”•  Total number of pixels:  7728 x 5368•  Pixel Size:  1.4 microns

    iPhone 4 pixel size is 1.75 microns, for reference.

    Binning of pixels should help low-light performance.

  • Guest

    Anything that stops the iPhone photography hype is good in my books.

  • Yon

    If only it was an iPhone, it would be perfect

  • David Kozlowski

    Looks like I’ll be selling all of my Nikons…as soon as the IPHONE goes to 30+mp ;)

  • gerlos

    Does anyone REALLY think that so many MP are useful? Especially in a cameraphone? Are lenses big and sharp enough for such a resolution? 
    Diffraction limits are stronger than marketing.

  • ANON

    The sensor captures a 38 or 36 megapixel image. Then they grab the data of 7 pixels and combining them to one, filtering all the noise and moire and such. Thanks to that, no NR and no AA filter as well I think. This creates a 5 Megapixel photo in the end, which looks amazing compared to a 5 megapixel sensor at the same size would give. Or at least, that is what Nokia is saying. 

  • ANON

    Woah horrible english, sorry for that.

  • Khürt L. Williams

    Me too.  Why pay $6000 for a Nikon D4 that has half as many pixels.  More pixels = better photographs.  Can’t wait to put all those wedding photographers out of business.

  • Khürt L. Williams

    Why would anyone buy a Nikon D4 when they could have this?  Nokia just single handedly killed off the DLSR market.

  • Persio Pucci

    People are missing the point here. It is a phone with a camera that uses a MECHANICAL SHUTTER and the lens has 5 elements. That’s way more than several point and shoot cameras. It is still going to be a phone, I agree, but this is a major breakthrough.

  • Dave

  • Roger

    I almost laughed when I read that… takes a lot more than that to kill of the DSLR market.

  • Farooq Khan

    There’s not just mega pixel that contributes to camera quality but a lot of other factors as well. Such as size of the sensor, focal length, aperture size etc. you don’t get all of that in camera phone such as this one. Which is why DSLR market is not even nokia’s competitor. Despite increasing mega pixel in camera DSLR market size has increased to give you another perspective. Btw, more mega pixels work negative if sensor size is small because the same small sensor now has to squeeze more mega pixels with same amount of light entering lens. My 2 cents.

  • Michael

    What’s next? 82 mega pixel Hasselblad smart phone camera?

  • Dan Howard

    isn’t there an app for a 42mp camera already on the apple app store??


  • wickerprints

    I’m not expecting “everything.”  My point is that, say, the average phone camera user doesn’t *only* take photos when light is plentiful.  I frequently see people trying to use their phone cameras when light is poor–sometimes extremely poor.  If I were such a consumer, I absolutely would want to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of a sensor that is high-resolution but has poor low-light performance compared to other possible designs.

    I’m not saying that one is necessarily better than the other.  All I’m saying is that it’s a fair question to ask, and something I would want to see addressed by the manufacturer.

  • Janne Sinkkonen

    41Mp makes the pixel pitch about 1.4µm. Optimistically assuming a diffraction-limited lens, local contrast at that the pixel scale at f/2.4 is zero, and things get more blurry when one stops down. So in reality the detail one gets from the sensor is something like 10-20Mp at most, due to diffraction. So in practice it makes most sense to take 5-10Mp images with this camera, and there is functionality for that.

    Sensor is BIG, 1/1.2″, and low-light performance could therefore be superb compared to other compacts and phones. But as I understand it, zooming is implemented by cropping, so zooming in from the 28mm (35mm equiv.) makes the sensor smaller. 

    But 41Mp is not only marketing. The “hyperdiffractive” resolution makes Bayer interpolation trivial, zooming is noise-free and, according to their marketing material, autofocus is improved.

    So IMO it’s an interesting and innovative camera. It is not 41Mp in the traditional sense but there’s still good use for those pixels. 

  • Freshfinishphotog

    BAHAHAHAHAHA more pixels means better photographs i love that i love how ppl really think that it blows my mind

  • dedeto

    41mp and it’s only JPEG and no raw? pass…

  • Cinders

    They’ll need to start making some wicked size memory cards too cos these things are just going to eat up space.

  • Abhishek

     In the race for innovation, Nokia seems too hurried and clueless of what they are doing..


    are forgetting its a cel phone?

  • Toomas Kadarpik

    This is attack to compact camera segment and other c-phones.  But the technology leap will make soon all amateur DSLR-s obsolete, there is just no points left.  Soon we have responsive fast mirrorless cameras with similar technology.
     I have used couple of month mirrorless Nikon V1 and it does all I need in everyday family journalism, 10-30 goes to pocket, is enough fast, responsive and does decent video with phade detect AF, I miss exposure bracketing but hopefully this will be added soon.

  • Andrew

     There is one thing no-one has mentioned yet…how bad is the battery life going to be when the camera is being used? In theory you could be listening to music plus you could have the gps switched on (and be downloading maps at the same time) then you start to take pictures. I cant see the battery lasting very long under those circumstances. Having looked at the samples this sensor is probably the best one found in any smartphone. The size of the sensor is BIG (for what its in) and is only a bit smaller than the Nikon CX sensor (a crop factor of ~3.2 compared with one of 2.7). Personally I think I will stick with what I’ve got for taking pictures with and if I happen to get a phone with more megapixels than my current one, well so be it. I won’t however rush out to get this phone as the money would pay for an extra lens or two for my Panasonic GF2.

  • Andrew Bowness

    This seems like it’s troll bait, and yet no one has taken it…

  • Andrew Bowness

    The biggest file of the sample jpegs is 10.3mb, so you’d be able to get 3000+ full size (38MP) images on a 32gb chip, which is a fairly typical amount of storage for a smartphone these days. I know what you’re saying though, and people have a lot of music/video/apps on their phones these days so that 32gb would disappear quicker than you’d expect.

  • Khürt L. Williams

    But to be fair … the sort of consumer who does not know enough to realize when the lighting is too poor is also the sort of consumer who won’t understand the specs enough to weigh the benefits and drawbacks.

  • Dejan Danailov

    Well, this is rely great. Actually as great as a small city car with 500 liter fuel tank. More pixels mean more data to process and more batery juice wasted in vain. What is the point of this kind of “camera” if all the images end up uploaded in some web-friendly size.
    Is it rely that hard to make a rely nice square-shaped 4 megapixel sensor, a good not-too-wide lens and very loud MP3 player. That’s all I need from a mobile phone.

  • stm

    The diffraction spot for a f/2.4 lens is 2.8 microns in diameter (1.22 lambda f/#). With a RGB sensor, you are only sampling every color at 2.8 microns with 1.4 micron pixels, so you will get plenty of contrast with that pixel size. Note most DSLR’s intentionally blur the image since the optics can out-resolve the sensor, this type of sensor/optics combination does not need to do that as they are better matched to each other. Small pixels do give you less sensitivity, but I would imagine most indoor photography shot with a camera like this is not at full zoom, so you can combine the 41 Mp to form a lower-res image with higher SNR. It’s not going to outperform a portrait lens with a big full-frame sensor with big pixels, but for indoor wide-angle shots and outdoor zoom this is a pretty cool camera. 

  • Flgraphics

    42 Megapixel? is that all. Pfff.. wake me when it’s 43 and not a mega-pixel less

  • Kosta

    Good day to you Mr. Troll.

  • Kosta

    Good day to you Mr. Troll.

  • Toomas Kadarpik

    Amateur DSLR market is dead anyway in 5 years. 

  • vizag real estate

    it must have satellite connection to upload the images to the server and a solar powered battery! Nokia’s experimental camera! Whats the price tag?

  • Khürt L. Williams

    Well … I was being facetious when I wrote that. I don’t think these camera are a threat to DSLR. If all there was to taking great photos was a good sensor and some megapixels then there would be no need for web sites like petapixel.

  • Khürt L. Williams

    How long would it take to import 32GB of photos into iPhone/Lightroom/Picasa etc?

  • Khürt L. Williams

    Hmm .. where do I mount my 70-200mm f/2.8 lens on one of these things?  I do I remotely trigger my strobes?  DSLR obsolete?  I don’t think so.  
    You throw out your statement with such authority but provide no economic data or analysis to back up your assertions?  Conjecture much?

  • Khürt L. Williams

    Nope.  82MP is thinking too small.  We need 128MP with ISO 240,000 f/1 and 1/10000 at 21f/s.

  • Just Visiting

    “Why would anyone buy a Nikon D4 when they could have this?”

    – because it has “Nikon” written on the camera!

  • Just Visiting

    Relax, it’s just a phone!

  • Pauldclarke

     its all marketing and i hate it. I shoot a canon 40d at 10MP and that is almost enough for me. 41 in a phone is absolutly brilliant marketing towards uneducated hipsters

  • cmcintosh620

    I feel like if you enlarged an 8 megapixel sharp iPhone picture to this size, it’d look about the same at 100%.

  • Marja

    I kinda disagree.  The reviews aren’t in yet, so it’s to be seen whether the phone is great or not.  But what is good is it’s building a lot of buzz for Nokia in a time where they really need it. 

    (A couple weeks ago they cut 1000 ??? jobs in the Finnish town Salo.   Some large number like that.  Nokia’s a very important company to Finland, so the better they do, the better it helps Finland.)

  • Odysseus

    Just when world has invented a really good quality digital cameras…
    ..eveyone wants to take bad pictures with their phone!!! AAAaaaarggghhhhh!

    Nokia has a 42Mp CELL but it makes some-what-about 5Mp pictures! It is a marketing scam -nothing more.

    Only thins is that it is interesting is if they have invented something to CALCULATE pixelation in a better way…

  • Nico Burns

    Given that the sensor is several times larger than the average camera phone, it is likely the low light performance is proportionally better aswell :)

  • JMNZ

    It’s looks like a possible technological breakthrough, hard to say at this instant, but could be game changing. A prime example of thinking outside the box. I mean, is Nokia now a camera company? I wouldn’t be so concerned about SLR’s, fourthirds etc, but it probably means the beginning of the end of the cheaper compact camera. 

  • perv

    looks like a perfect phonecam for pervs – overall picture is not good at all, but when you zoom in, the detail is awesome