How to Increase the Performance of Your Canon Kit Lens

This is your standard kit lens that comes with most entry-level DSLRs from Canon. It does an okay job for most things, but here’s how to make it better.

Here’s a list of things you’ll need:

Step 1: Use masking tape to cover up the lens around the silver ring:

Step 2: Paint the silver ring with red paint

You’re done! Enjoy your new high-def L lens. You can also add a lens hood for added effect:

Here’s a before and after comparison of how your photos will look:

You can also view, download, and share this amazing tutorial as a single image.

About the author: Nicolaj Ma is an artist based in Denmark. You can view his work over on DeviantArt.

  • Nanang Kusuma

    wow, thank u, it’s awesome! how about nikon? should i paint silver ring with gold paint? LOL

  • Brian Trimble

    I am going to buy all the canon lenses on Craigs List, local pawn shops and flea markets and make a mint ;-)

  • Michael Sizemore

    My wife painted hers pink and now it shoots like a girl! lol

  • fxricoalarcon

    Hey, it really works. I’ve done the same to my 99 Accord. Put some lightning stickers on it’s crazy fast.

  • challa.jayadev Vara

    i have seen the pics taken before nd after but thy r suggesting that the photographer doesnt know how to take nd focus the subject..its not the effect of red paint nd glue..

  • Roryhawke

    Waste of time, if you’re going to go to this much trouble you might as well paint it white.

  • nacfoto

    WOW, please make the same tutorial for nikon lenses.. maybe even for pro series.

  • Gloria Roldan

    A great way to begin the New Year with LAUGHTER.

  • Darren Bolgioni

    I’m not seeing much difference, am I doing this right?

  • Raymond Rowledge

    I am thinking of relabeling my Canon T3 To ESO 7D I like this LOL

  • Getthepaper

    I painted a red dot on my lens and one on my forehead. Now I am one with my camera. All my shots are, well, Nirvana!

  • jomtuff

    Good job and Good feeling

  • Richard Ford

    People always abusing the donkeys on the net of late…

  • Jim Saul

    Just be careful… I put the line in the wrong place and now all my photos are of the past.

  • radenvito

    i thought this is real hack job, which would be brilliant. but this is the best hoax yet! haha

  • Maria

    I use a red rubberband for instant L-Quality.

  • John Lomoro

    Wow most entertainment I’ve had in a while. Did anyone keep score on this thread? I wonder who’s ahead the funnies or the crepe hangers?

  • John Lomoro

    I even added another position on the lens barrel with this logo and got even far superior anti shake….Steadycam.

  • Ced Cutler

    hahahaha…good one.

  • Fabien

    Hahaha! That’s really funny! Thanks for “wasting a page of the Internet”! I’m gonna do it on my Nikon lens, I find the gold colour boring :)

  • AyeBraine

    Actually gilding hobby kits are quite inexpensive. It’s micron-thick gold

  • Patrick Ahles

    Seriously, you’re replying to a comment made two years ago?

  • NiggerLoser

    That Ni66er takes it up the ass from anyone.

  • NiggerLoser

    Just watch how he sucks off Oboyman.

  • Ash

    Really funny. roflmao

  • Rogier Bos fotograaf

    Awesome tips! Thanks! I almost wish my Nikon lenses weren’t so damn perfect already… I could have given them the same treatment!