Get 4.5GB of Extra Storage for Free on Dropbox by Uploading Photos

Do you use a free Dropbox account for storing and backing up your files? If so, get this: the company is currently offering up to 4.5GB of extra free space for anyone willing to help it test out the software’s new auto photo import feature. Your first photo import will land you 500MB of extra space, and every 500MB of photos and videos uploaded afterward will score you an additional 500MB. The new feature helps you automatically backup your photos every time you connect your memory card, phone, or camera to your computer, and can be download here.

Experimental Forum Build – 1.3.12 (via Lifehacker)

  • Alex

    I believe that’s suppose to be “… every 500MB” not “… every 500GB.”

    But very neat, I’m trying this out!

  • Michael Zhang

    Thank you for that very important correction :D

  • Gary

    Is that Gb or Tb? Free is free, fair do- but it’s very limited as backup.

  • Eric

    FWIW on OS X 10.7.2 it crashes 100% of the time with RAW files for me. I switched to a bunch of JPEG’s to participate in the offer, and things are uploading fine for me now.

  • eenoog (one-eye)

    Great, so I can upload 1/4th of a CF card, in batches of 500MB (20 pictures) each! That will surely help. :-)

  • David Ritchie

    Stop complaining… it’s free. If you want more then pay for it:

  • Fantomspawn

    Working well.  MacOSX Lion however I should have checked prior to plugging in the ‘ol 32GB iPhone.  I have received like 5 bumps – and there is NO notice sent – just check the events log or rest the mouse over the DB icon and it will tell you how much space you have have.  Mine was 4.3GB now it is 7.8GB…..

    Wondering?  Does that storage space stick when you or if you remove the items that caused it to expand?

    Its pretty slick as I use Macs and PC’s and do not use iTunes on them – only really use iTunes and iPhoto on the one machine – to make it simpler.   And that is mainly because of the apps.  

  • Chad Westover

    Worked great for me. Bumped me up to 8 gigs. Thanks for the tip!

  • Eric LInneman

    Mac OS 10.6.8 – it opens, says finding photos to upload then crashes.  Tried a reboot and same behavior.

  • georg

    Cool. A great additional Backup Service ….

  • Robert Cain Photos

    I am using it and have already added 1GB of additional free storage with the BETA client.  I used it on a different computer since its BETA.

  • eenoog (one-eye)

    Not complaining, pointing out the reality of it being utterly useless.  Try uploading 8GB.  See ya in 24 hours.