How to Make a Million Dollars with $871, a DSLR, and Photoshop

Evan Sharboneau over at Photo Extremist shot this crazy photograph of “a room filled with an obnoxious amount of money”. It wasn’t shot with a truckload of cash, nor was it created using CGI. Instead, Sharboneau used $871 in cash — a total of just 29 separate bills. He spent 4 hours photographing the room 170 times with the money placed in different locations in each frame, and then spent 5 hours merging all the photographs together in Photoshop. You can find Sharboneu’s video tutorial on this cloning technique here, and a tutorial we published a while back here.

A Room Filled with an Obnoxious Amount of Money [Photo Extremist]

Image credit: Photograph by Evan Sharboneau

  • Marc Garrido

    Why in the
    real live is so difficult to get all these money together? Well It doesn’t
    matter… What it really matters Is how this simple technique can help as to
    get a really arty shoot like this one. A great image indeed!

  • Mgzs180

    the taxman will never believe is just $871

  • Miklos Bacso

    5 hours using his own cloning techniques? (not very efficient!)

  • Mark J P

    I like the shot, it’s fun! :)

  • Bruce

    Way way too much spare time!

  • Mantis

    Is that Mitt Romney’s living room?

  • Lapdog

    Or you could just take a photo of Romney’s living room…

  • Priscilla

    Hey!!!,…that’s my Money!!!. I love you Shaggy!!! it’s me your wife!. xoxo