Epic Slow Motion Footage Shot with a Canon 550D

17-year-old filmmaking student Sacha Powell shot this powerful slow motion film using a $500 Canon 550D/T2i, 50mm f/1.8, 18-55mm kit lens, and Sigma 70-300mm. On the software side he utilized Premiere Pro CS5, After Effects CS5.5, and Twixtor for faux slow motion. Impressive.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Fart

    Ok thats enough Twixtor

  • henrymaxm

    He looks like Conan lol

  • Guest

    Hmmm.. $500 camera and $1,500 in software…

  • Dave Reynolds

    I’m shocked PetaPixel posted a video that didn’t involve stop-motion. Cuz, you know, stop-motion is inherently more artistic than video recording.

  • Mantis

    So what?  She’s a film student, and the software is probably offered by the media lab at her school.

  • Big ol chief

    Sacha’s a he.

  • Anonymous

    (The comments section should really be scrapped… it has begun nothing more than cynical unfunny unhelpful narrators… < Example 1)

    This was quite well executed and filmed well, smooth Twixtor use. I can see this student have a bright future ahead of them.

  • Alan Dove

    Slow-motion is the new HDR.

  • Krondor

    Please, fix the title. It’s “Boring-as-hell slow motion footage…”

  • Cochese

    Despite the naysayers, this was a rather fantastic video! Is it the most interesting? No, not really, but it is cool. And it is most probably far better than anybody who has commented on here could do. Especially at the age of 17.

  • Kate

    You should close the comment section. There are far too many bitchy, irrelevant comments from bitter turds who feel safety behind the veil of anonymous online posting. In other news, I happen to really like this video! Great job.

  • Daniel Hoherd

    Yeah, or like stop motion Leica papercraft tchotchkes.  Actually though, there hasn’t been much of that on PP lately, but there has been a lot of software stuff.

  • Daniel Hoherd

    Not all of us who complain are anonymous.  This movie is a compilation of random shots from an inexpensive camera that were run through Twixor.  It’s artistic, but it’s not blog worthy.  A high school kid’s experiment with post processing is hardly photography news worth reading and viewing.  I think it’s a good start.  I think he should keep it up.  I also think he should make his future videos more coherent with some sort thematic flow rather than putting random subjects together in random order.  I do not think the rest of us who subscribe should come to Petapixel, the blog that many of us heard was the great new photography centric blog with useful information, and see Michael Zhang’s list of favorite videos.  If I wanted to see that I’d subscribe to his favorites on Youtube and Vimeo.

    Why am I even writing this? I should know better than to argue on the internet…

  • Marieke

    I think a few of you have missed the point.

    The articles relevance was to highlight what can be done with inexpensive entry level equipment, as well as showcase a 17 year old kid’s talent.

    While the video is not the most amazing thing ever made, you can’t argue that this kid understands light better than a lot of so called ‘pros’. 

    I think he will be amazing one day. Go Sacha!

  • Kate

    I wasn’t referring to everyone complaining here. I was referring to those anonymously posting rude and unhelpful comments about a 17 year old kid’s video. If taking the time to write something here, why not atleast post some constructive criticism and encouragement (as you have).

  • ‘Fez Miah

    wooooww! When did PP turn so bitchy? 

  • ‘Fez Miah

    Think you nailed on the head there Marieke. This “kid” Sacha Powell needs some mentoring, Sacha if you read this come intern for me for a few months. 

  • Purpleface

    This is wonderful. He’s very talented.

  • Taz

    Nice work.

  • SachaPowell

    Chill out, I was just editing footage that I had recently captured for my own enjoyment…

  • Ivocambraia

    Hi Sacha you’ve done a great job on this video. I’ve got the exact same equip but the results are very different, how do you get those sharp, crisp shots in the dark? cheers n congrats

  • David Castillo

    Good job. Just goes to show its not the equipment, but the person behind it.