Canon Sales Fall Short of Expectations, Sigma Founder Passes Away

Canon’s president Tsuneji Uchida announced today that he will be stepping down to pave way for a younger management team as the company fell short of expectations for the second straight year. Canon’s stock price dropped 19% last year while Nikon’s grew 4%. The total number of Canon cameras sold dropped 4% last year, likely a result of both a shift away from consumer cameras and the shortages caused by Japan’s earthquake and Thailand’s flooding. However, DSLR sales are going strong:

Although Canon was affected by supply shortages caused by the quake and flooding, efforts to ramp up production and boost sales in response to robust demand resulted in significant increases in year-on-year sales volumes for such digital cameras as the competitively priced EOS Digital Rebel T3i/T2i/T3, along with the EOS 5D Mark II and the new EOS 60D advanced-amateur models.

Another big story in the camera world this past week was the passing of Sigma founder Michihiro Yamaki, who started the company in 1961 at the age of 27 by developing the first rear lens converter. He went on to lead the company for over 50 years, turning it into the largest third-party lens maker in the world. Yamaki passed away on January 18 at the age of 78 after a battle with liver cancer.

(via Amateur Photographer and PopPhoto)

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  • Edward Agyeman

    Canon should lead the industry by creating awesome camera lenses & filters as “apps” on the iPhone, and stop watching apps like Camera+ from taking all their cake. 

  • Travis

    the-digital-picture does lens charts where you can compare lenses, and in all the comparisons I did Canon isn’t even as sharp as Sigma alternatives and has more vignetting. If Canon wants to get back on top they should rethink some of their designs/company policies, for now I will continue to enjoy my 5DII and Zeiss + Sigma alternatives.

  • Kyoshinikon

    Canon should focus on making a DSLR that has the little things fixed. I find their midrange and pro cameras to always be a step behind in many ways. I was very dissatisfied with the 7D and 60D as a step up from the 50D and somewhat unhappy with the 5D series. The 1Dx looks extremely promising so Ill have to try it out before I can say “better on paper than in real life”…  I went to nikon because of my irritation with many of their cameras and lenses