A Beautiful Time-Lapse of Star Gazers Under the Milky Way

Babak Tafreshi of The World at Night created this beautiful time-lapse video of star gazers looking into the heavens while the stars sweep across the night sky. Check out Tafreshi’s beautiful astrophotography here.

  • David

    Very cool.  We are the dominant species on our speck of cosmic dust.

  • kendon

    what’s with all the red light?

  • Guest

    My guess is, that they use red torches so that they don’t create “light pollution”. Photogs can get really angry if you destroy “THE shot”. And remember each one is “THE shot”! ;)

  • Guest

    The red lights are commonly used as red light does not destroy your night vision. It is a “trick” so you can look at a star map etc. and then turn off the light and still be able to see almost as well as when you eyes were fully adjusted to the dark conditions.