First Leaked Photo of the Olympus OM-D

Here’s the first photo showing a portion of the upcoming Olympus OM-D (it appears to be the shutter release, two dials, and buttons on the upper right hand corner of the camera). The high-end enthusiast camera will reportedly cost around $1,100 when it starts shipping in March. What are your observations based on this glimpse?

(via 43 Rumors)

  • Anonymous

    I like it, but I don’t see where it fits the retro theme.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    I am so tired of these so called “leake photos that are obviously delibertily leaked by the company themselves as teasers. At least be honest with us, Olympus and others!

  • korax67

    it has an electrically controled zoom lens …. (the 2 small buttons at the back of the camera). 
    I wish the main dial was shutter speeds . . . . .

  • steve-o

    this comment is totaly nonsense.. how can you tell from only seeing 4 buttons?

  • f2point8

    Hey, there is a place for wrist strap. So it’s not really a “serious” camera because it just uses a wrist strap. “Real” cameras need a neck strap or tripod. 

  • Henry Armstrong

    That’s just an eyelet. Undoubtly there is one on the opposite side of the camera.

  • loldongs

    Just wait til you see the model with the silver top plate

  • korax67

    that’s my guess, but I’ll wait until I see the full image before I tell you that you are talking nonsense :-)

  • Lars Christian Beduhn

    You really ARE talking nonsense. It is an interchangeable lens camera in the micro-fourthirds (m43) eco-system. 
    It may have… or do a LOT of things. But it will 100% NOT come with such a lens and/or feature!