365-Day Time-Lapse of a Bike Locked on a NYC Sidewalk

Red Peak Branding conducted an experiment last year in which they chained a fully loaded bicycle (bells, basket, lights, and the whole shebang) to a post on a busy New York City sidewalk. They then visited and photographed the bicycle every single day, resulting in the 365-photo time-lapse video seen above. What’s interesting is that the bicycle remains untouched for roughly 230 days, but once small parts start getting stolen the rest of the bicycle soon follows. This might have something to do with what’s called the “broken windows theory“.

(via Gawker)

  • Mike

    It’s interesting that the lock was gone around day 212, but the bike  lasted a few more weeks, and then started to disappear a piece at a time and not all at once.  I guess not all thieves are greedy.

  • Mike

    Did someone steal the lock, or did they remove it to make it easier for someone else to steal the bike?

  • Dan

    Was it just me, I had to watch it three times just due to speed. 

  • Guest

    Yeah, this video would have been *A LOT* better slowed down to maybe 10-15fps—just MUCH too fast. 

    Check out this one, easier to “comprehend” 

  • Daniel Hoherd

    How is that easier to understand? I didn’t even see a bicycle.

  • Chris

    that was my thought as well, plus, given that the lock was missing at 212, why did parts go missing starting around 230?  If you found an unlocked bike and were the type of person who was going to steal something, why steal the seat?

  • Scott4056

    The bike stayed intact for nearly 4 months though.  I was impressed that it stayed whole for so long

  • Jan

    it wouldn’t have lasted that long here in amsterdam…

  • Benicio Murray

    not to mention a taped note on the bike seat at day 211

  • Thomasque

    They are discounting effect of seasons on the experiment. At BEST they started mid winter so I would imagine the demand for bicycle parts/accessories would extremely low. Also, the number of “lingerers” strolling around outside in winter greatly lessens the instances of “crimes of opportunity”.

    Viewed from another perspective, the bicycle starts to disappear about the same time as the jackets on passerby’s do.

  • Thomasque

    That’s funny. I’ve been to Amsterdam and the bikes there seem to operate under the same principle as the “take a penny, leave a penny” trays here in the states.

  • xpirex

    That was shot terribly… should have been locked to a post where just the one boke could be seen and then it was also shot way too fast..