Kodak Saw The Future But Couldn’t Avoid Its Own

Here’s a video that’s fascinating in light of Kodak’s bankruptcy announcement today. It was created back in 2006 for the company by partners+napier, and was shown at the All Things Digital Conference in California before Kodak CEO Antonio Perez took the stage to talk about the company’s digital transformation. The predictions made in the video are seemingly prophetic, accurately describing the current landscape of digital and mobile photography. It’s too bad that Kodak couldn’t right its ship, even though it had a good idea of where things were headed.

(via Strobist)

  • Anonymous

    It is ironic that they took a couple jabs at Apple (Newton, Quicktake) and Apple were the ones to popularize most of the innovations mentioned after (iPhoto facial recognition, GPS tagged photos, iPhoto’s enhance tool*).¬†

    *Disclaimer for Apple haters: Yes, as always, those things existed before Apple, but Apple got grandmas and luddites using them, which is what really matters.

  • Fra

    Did this guy get acting lessons from William Shatner?

  • Daniel Hoherd

    Haha, you are so right! ¬†Geez, this is comical at how backwards everything is, it’s like he’s describing all other prominent tech companies of 2011.

  • Mantis

    This is the greatest video on all of the Internets.

  • Kodak4Life

    B&H should have bailed them out.